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Marketing Plan Of Underdog Company

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Underdog, unlike most of the products that are currently available in the market, isn’t a physical product, and rather a mobile application that provides the service of a social media platform between athletes and recruiters. However, our product not being physical doesn’t give us any challenges in promoting and marketing it. In fact, thanks to the Internet, the variety of promotion methods we will utilize will be cost-efficient, powerful, and reachable to a large number of consumers. The primary promotion methods we will rely on are social bookmarks, social media websites, and application stores that’re available in a wide range of devices.

Social bookmarks have been implemented to the society of the internet; people surf through websites like StumbleUpon, Digg, to discover new websites and applications that fit their interests, hobbies, and overall lifestyle. By including Underdog as a new and upcoming application, while promoting the website as well, we will have many prospective customers that are easily able to find out about our application and learn more about it. Social bookmarks are convenient because once a consumer is interested, the consumer can easily click on it which will direct them to the actual website, where they can learn more.

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Social media websites are yet another method of marketing we will employ. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have become platforms where consumers can freely express their opinions, concerns, and complaints about businesses. The easiness in how quick consumers’ complaints become viral within the Internet decides whether a company will be ruined or not. However, social media websites also allow business to directly communicate with their consumers, freely promote their products and services, and build an organizational culture that is transparency so trust can be strong between consumers and between the company. Underdog will utilize the advantages such social media websites offer, and create a social profile that will aim to be a means of effective customer service. However, we are planning on using Facebook ad promotion tool to market the app as well. It is beneficial because not only is it cost-efficient with a charge of only $45 for a week of promotion, but it also allows you to target the specific customer type, which is something that Underdog will need since it has a specific customer base.

Last, but not least, our plan is to be in good standing with the diverse number of operating systems that people rely on for their devices, including the iOS and Android operating systems. This is a must, because it is those very operating systems that oversee the application stores available on devices, and it is the operating systems that allow certain applications to be on their platform, while they aren’t accepting of others. Our goal is to be on the editor’s choice lists for those application stores, and when our product first launches, we aim to make arrangements so that we are shown in the top ten of new and upcoming applications. Underdog, which is a brand-new concept, will easily attract any athletes or recruiters surfing on the app stores of their phones. Moreover, as users begin to utilize the app and increase their daily usage of it, Underdog will offer an incentive for users to provide their honest opinion on the app, which will bring in further attention.

The budget necessary for our marketing plan is a small one, one that will mostly be used in the Facebook advertising tool. All the other means of promoting are free of any costs directly, but they do necessitate hard-working, honest, and fun individuals who will be able to communicate in a timely manner with prospective consumers, and answers any questions they might have about Underdog. Thus, the rest of the budget will be allocated to that. As can be seen, the use of social bookmarks and social media websites as well as implementation of the product in the top lists of application stores will pave a pathway for Underdog to be marketed and promoted quickly, effectively, and globally.


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