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Marketing Strategy Example #2

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Our product name is JAPS Handheld Washing Machine. It is a one step washing machine. It is portable and easy to carry washing machine. It does not occupy much space at your home. This machine cleans the clothes, dries them and iron them as well. it has a translucent body that enlarges bacteria, dust particles and other impurities on the clothes, to verify whether those unwanted components have been removed.

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How does JAPS work:

It is a three-step process:

Ø Bring JAPS near to your dirty cloth, it will automatically scan bacteria, dust or impurities on your clothes, then it will show those impurities in the form of graphic pattern.

Ø Press the washing button, where you see the graphic pattern, the cloth will be washed through steam and ultra sound.

Ø When the graphic pattern disappears, it means the cloth is cleaned and at the same time, it is being iron with heat coils and steam.

Dimensions: The JAPS washing machine is easy to carry anywhere with you. This portable washing machine weighs only 2-3lbs and its size is even smaller than a regular steam iron. Its dimensions are 10X2.80X3.50 inches.

Branding: A brand is a name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof that identifies a seller’s products and differentiates them from competitor’s products (Lamb, 157). Branding is the main tool marketers use to distinguish their products from competition’s (Lamb, 156). Many brand names are familiar to consumers and indicate the quality of the product. Consumers make the judgement of the quality of the product whether it is high quality product or low-quality product.

Our product’s brand name is JAPS. We have decided to follow a policy of using manufacturer’s brand. Manufacturer’s brand defines the brand’s owner.

Warranty: We will provide our customers 1 year of warranty for free, if they want to extend it to 2 years, they have to pay $20 extra for that. Within that period of time, if the machine broke down, our company will replace the machine with the new one.

Packaging: Packaging can influence consumers perceptions of Quality. Packaging is also a container for promoting the product and making it easier and safer to use (Lamb, 162). Our company will focus on the environment while selecting the packaging of the JAPS. We will use the cardboards that are recyclable, that does not harm our environment at all. There will be picture of the JAPS washing machine, the Brand name, its features and the components it is made up of. The packaging will also include a guide book along with JAPS.

Labelling: We will use informational labelling for Japs. This label gives us the product information as durability, colour, features, cleanability, care instructions, and construction standards. Our JAPS washing machine will be available in four colours i.e. Blue, Black, Purple and Grey. The information written will be either in Black or Grey ink depending upon the colour contrast. Care instructions such as ‘do not touch this surface, it is hot’ will be given. UPCs code will also be printed so that consumers can seek more information about the brand, package and size.

Channels of Distribution

The marketing channel (channel of distribution) is a business structure of interdependent organizations that reach from point of product origin to the customer, whose purpose is to move products to their final consumption destination (Lamb, 236).

We will follow the indirect(wholesaler)channel. Being a producer, we will sell our product to the wholesaler, the wholesaler will resell the product to the retailer and finally, the retailer will make this product available to the consumers. An example of wholesaler distributor is Coast Appliances and retailer is Canadian Tire, Consumers can buy our product in Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart, Bed and Bath and other local electronic stores. People nowadays, are very much active online and they like doing online shopping so, they have the choice to buy JAPS from amazon, best buy and our official site . Consumers will get the machine delivered at their homes but the shipping charges are at their expense. Online shopping makes people’s life easier, you can get your stuff at your home with a few clicks.


Being a product with new techniques and new technology the product will have a direct impact on the customers. Presenting the product to the customers with its attractive features and planning advertisements which glows its attractive features to the consumers. At next, creating bridge statements for the product which tell its features and presenting it one the various advertisement will help for promotion of the product. Presenting the product samples to the consumers at various events will provide another outlook of the product. There are various methods for promotion of the product.

Advertising on television, social media such as snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, magazines and many other social media items.

Advertising through newspapers such as Toronto star and BBC news which will help for more promotion.

People can use samples of the product which will be available in many events in which people can test the nature of the item.

As it will be collaboration with Canadian tire, so they will help us to publicize the product by distributing free samples to its customers.

There are many electronic events held, so by presenting our product on these occasions will help to get more publicity about the product.

The main goal of promotion is to inform the customers about the new product or the new technology available in the market. So, the main goal is informing.

Once people come to know about the product they will definitely once try it and visit Canadian tire to know about it. By explaining more about the product, we definitely think they will buy it and hence helps us to expand or business.


We need to analyze different factors regarding the product before taking any decision on its pricing. Firstly, it is not a luxury product. In fact, it is a daily use home appliance where the consumer has wide range of choices. However, its USP is that it is portable. So, we can attract young and single working men and women who are not very price conscious. We will focus on the profit-oriented pricing objectives so that company can overcome the cost expenses. We will go for price skimming strategy as our pricing is in the bracket of high range of 400-500 dollars. The portable washing machines available in the market are in the range of 100-300 dollars. Moreover, it has three in one functions– washing, drying and ironing. The price per item to the wholesaler would be $299.99, to the retailer would be $359.49 and the actual price to the consumer would be $399.99. Higher price indicates that it has to be best in terms of quality, which can be emphasized in advertisements. After the successful launch and excellent initial response, we can provide 20% discount to the customers. Canadian Tire customers will get extra 5% discount. They will also get free gift coupons. In fact, free gift coupons as leaflets will be distributed among general public. Thus, a number of potential customers will be attracted towards the product due to discounts offering.

Target Market

The JAPS hand held washing machine is framed for all the consumers because all people travel and can use it. People who go for adventurous activities or those are in this field can use it and is good asset for them. Moreover, families also travel various places in vacations so they can also use whenever needed. The target of the product is the economy.

In today’s customer world, we can target people from any age group because most of the people are familiar to the technology and are more likely to accept new technology or modifications. From a small child to an old person all accept new technology and feel good to use it. It will basically more helpful to the women’s because basically all washing stuff is done by them which will make it easy for them. This portable machine does not require any specific education level. Any person by reading guidelines can use it. At next, coming to the cost of the product which is main component of the product. It is as same as the big washing machines or less than many washing machines. So, people don’t have to think twice due to price.

The personal focus of this JAPS portable machine is to make easy for the customers to save money while travelling because in hotels they take a lot of money to wash clothes and at many times or situations this facility is not available, so our machine will help to overcome these issues with small size and more features. Moreover, there will be change in the lifestyle of the people by coming familiar to new and smarter technology. This product could be used as many times you want and even by first time user can use it by reading guidelines on it. The product will provide 3 years warranty of any technical damage or any issue related to the product.

As a new brand to the market, the multi-segment targeting strategy will help the company to gain large volume customer and higher profit.


Our product is JAPS Handheld washing machine with new technology that helps the consumers to carry this portable washing machine anywhere. This washing machine has very new features that others do not have yet. This product is best for the people who like adventurous activities, goes for long trips where they could not find their washing machine to wash their clothes. Those people can buy this washing machine to go for family trips.

The price of this portable machine will be around $300-$400 and our manufacturing company is using skimming pricing scheme, as it is the new product so the pricing in the beginning will be high.

Promotion for this product will through different channels of media such as advertisements on television, radio, pamphlets, advertisement of this product will also be done on social media like Instagram, Facebook and snapchat. Special events will be held for the publicity of this product, and trails will be provided to people. This product will be sold to the customers through indirect channels i.e. from wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Canadian Tire, Walmart, Costco, Bed and Bath that will sell this product to the consumers and Canadian Tire will act as indirect channel as well by selling this product to the local electronic shops. This product targets all the ages as it is super easy to use. There are guideline provided in the guide book.


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