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Markets that exist around the city

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In a city that speaks elegance and grace, it would be a shame not to savor it through shopping in London. Discover London’s history and modern flair with some from the shops and places you’ll be able to visit.

Charing Cross Road

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For Harry Potter fans, Charing Cross Road is where the Leaky Cauldron pub is. Nevertheless, that’s not the only thing special about this place. It’s known for the bookshops of a variety of genres. Be it fiction, science, art – name it and it’s all yours. Comic showcase and Murder One Books are worth a go to.


Harrods has been a prominent yet luxurious department store in England and all over the world selling goods – food or apparel or anything of your necessity. This seven-floor purchasing center is located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London. Their motto, Omnia, Omnimus, Obique, which means “All Things, For All Persons, Everywhere,” has reflected upon the products they sell as quality and quantity is given priority.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street could be the busiest shopping district in London. This will be the home of numerous major department stores in addition to smaller shops. Most in the shops in this street are considered flagship and thus utilized for promotions. Some consist of Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Topshop, Zara, Nike, Adidas and more.

Portobello Road

This road is famous for the market that sells antiques and second hand items. It can be found in the Notting Hill district from the Royal Borough of Kingston and Chelsea. Now, Portobello Road has several cuisines and stores that are quite famous with tourists.


This is one in the world’s largest toyshops that it’s located in Regent Street, London. This six-story toy kingdom is not just a paradise for children, but is also a popular tourist attraction. Hamleys is divided into sections each floor. The basement includes interactive toys like Lego, the ground floor for stuffed toys, the first floor for board games, the second floor for pre-school toys, the third floor for girls’ items, the fourth floor includes model kits and remote-controlled vehicles, and the fifth floor are the boys’ items.


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