Martin Luther King as a Leader of Anti-Racist Struggle

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'I Have a Dream', a famous phrase stated by Martin Luther King on August 28, 1963. In front of 250 000 people of all ethnicities near the National Mall in "Washington DC" standing on the white granite steps of the Lincoln Memorial to demand justice and equality for all people. Furthermore, he declared his dream to the whole United States of ending racism and segregation. Not just standing up and giving a speech to America about what he wanted for the civilization, he was fearless moreover did everything humanly possible to prove his point. This momentous era came together as a beacon light of hope to countless people.

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Martin Luther King was born in a world where segregation was the law. Martin was born on Tuesday, January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. His family was known to be a middle-class family, they receive a better education than others of their race. He lived with both of his parents as well as his grandparents and two siblings. Both of his parents were college-educated. To include his father and maternal grandfather were both Baptist preachers. The family lived on a street named Auburn Avenue, otherwise known as "Black Wall Street" home to the largest black businesses and black churches in the years before the civil rights movement. From the time Martin Luther King was born he knew there was a segregation between races (black and white). Sadly, the blacks were not able to eat at a white restaurant, had to sit at the back of busses and movie theatres, and use separate restroom facilities. Even Though his family was middle class and receive better education, he once experiences prejudice which was very common in South Atlanta. The unprivileged six years old once experienced one of his white friend's parents cogent him, by telling him he can't play with their kid because they were attending a segregated school. Furthermore, the most important and dearest person in King's life was his maternal grandmother who had a heart attack in 1941. The outcome of that significant event leads to Martin trying to commit suicide by jumping out of a second-story building.

In 1944, at the age of 15, Martin Luther King made it to Morehouse college which was located in North of Atlanta. Before King began college he spends his summer in a tobacco field in Canneticite; it was the first time he stayed away from his home and one of the first experiences of segregation outside of south Atlanta. King was astonished due to the fact it wasn't a big issue regarding your race because the negros and the whites go to the same churches as well as anyone can eat wherever they wish in upper Atlanta. Due to this experience, Martin now is a growing hatred of racial segregation.

As three years went by he moved to Pennsylvania. During that time he was greatly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of stopping violence and the logic of contemporary Protestant theologians. In the time of 1951 King received a bachelor's degree. After receiving the bachelor's degree he was accepted to be the professor of Crozer he spoke about racism. From the Cozier, Martin went to Boston University to find a firm foundation of god and his own man.

While living in Boston, Martin met Coretta Scott, an Alabamian who was studying at the New England Conservatory of Music. As 1953 came Coretta Scott got married to King and they had four children. Once Rosa Parks was arrested just because she didn't give up her seat for a white man he joined the Montgomery bus boycott. unnoticeably, King got stabbed as he was signing his newly published book (Stride Toward Freedom) in Harlem. Regrettably, while Martin Luther King Jr was trying to help his fellow man by protesting in Birmingham, Alabama, the court had ordered Martin that he could not hold any protests in Birmingham. To include, due to King's action he was sent to prison in Birmingham, Alabama for eleven days. As well, during his eleven days in jail, he wrote the "Letter From Birmingham Jail". Once again King got arrested in Selma, Alabama during 1965 because he was demonstrating voting rights.

As a result of Martin Luther King's action, he gave a speech "I Have a Dream" to over 200 000 people in Washington regarding civil rights for all citizens in America. The given speech had lead to the Civil Rights Act 1964, which prohibited segregation. For his rightful movement, King received the Nobel Peace Prize; the youngest person to receive an extraordinary honor.

Astonishedly, Martin Luther King's death was near. On the fourth day of the fourth month of the year of 1986 King was shot dead outside the second-floor of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. On March 10, 1969, the accused assassin was discovered, a white man named James Earl Ray who was sentenced to jail for 99 years.

Martin Luther King is and was a very significant human being who had one of the most important voices in the Civil Rights Movement Act. Additionally, providing leadership in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, giving his famous speech "I Have a Dream" to more than 200 000 people, nonviolent resistance to overcome injustice and the fact he didn't give up ending segregation.

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