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It’s early 1950’s and African Americans are not getting the rights they deserve and they need someone to lead them to get the rights. The African Americans are looking for a leader who can help them move forward in history. Then one African American baptist minister in Atlanta, Georgia started to make a stand. His name was Martin Luther King Jr., an activist who led the Civil Rights Movement in 1955, Changed the way we looked at and treated African Americans.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. Martin Luther King Jr. lived with his two siblings his mom, dad and grandparents. His father was the pastor of Ebenezer baptist church in Atlanta, Georgia. MLK Jr. went to college at Boston University where he learned how to become a baptist minister but he could have gotten a job in anything that he wanted. But his father wanted him to come back to Atlanta Georgia to take over the Ebenezer baptist church when he retired. MLK Jr. had a choice to make if he wanted to return home to his father or be the pastor at a new church. MLK Jr. made the decision to work at his own church. SInce MLK Jr. chose his own path he was able to become a civil rights leader. If MLK Jr. had decided to stay with his father he would have been able to evolve into one of the best leaders in American history. When Martin Luther King Jr. was starting to say his speeches and become the leader of the civil rights movement he received many hate mail and his house was bombed. Even when his house was bombed, he still wanted to keep a peaceful protest going because that’s what he believed in. So martin luther king jr impact on society?

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Martin Luther King had many accomplishments throughout his time as a Civil Rights leader. MLK Jr. gave many speeches and helped set up many boycotts. MLK Jr. believed one thing was really important to have peaceful protests and he held it throughout his time of leadership. One boycott he had that was very successful was when they boycotted the Montgomery buses. The African American community boycotted buses for 382 days so the buses. MLK Jr. did his best to make it whoever got on the bus first got the seat opposed to segregated seating. MLK Jr. not only helped the African Americans boycott but he helped them do it successfully and they got the change they wanted, and on December 21, 1956 the Montgomery busses became desegregated. When the boycott became successful and desegregation on Montgomery busses became a law MLK Jr. didn’t stop and he wanted to help the African American community more. MLK Jr. and other black leaders started a group called Southern Christian Leadership Conference. 

King wasn’t just a member of the SCLC he was a leader. MLK Jr. went throughout the country giving speeches for this organization. MLK Jr. and the SCLC group members got attention from the Birmingham police when they started a march. King and people from SCLC got arrested and put in Birmingham jail. When MLK Jr. was in jail he wrote his famous “Letter From a Birmingham Jail.”

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