Marvel's Iron Man: Investigation and Evaluation

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In the modern society, there is a strong demand for watching movies based on Marvel comics. Due to the fact that the first films made in these comic books were very successful, now Marvel movies are very popular. For instance, “Iron Man 3” is a project exclusively commercially oriented as this movie has a high budget rate. By this, the studio “Marvel” clearly shows its ambition to turn the film promotion into the comprehensive, expensive and large-scale advertising campaign. This paper is aimed at the investigation and evaluation of Marvel’s three-act movies “Iron Man”.

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist are the clichéd epithets that are applicable not only to the image of Tony Stark but to the executor his role of Robert Downey Jr. The man a long time stays in the dope and the uncertainty on the brink of self-destruction but manages to find the strength to get rid of the addictions. Introduced in 2008, the first part of “Iron Man” has literally hit the jackpot. Being rather modest in scope and action, the movie crew has hired «Marvel» studio, which is known to spread its branded products to the world market. As expected, even more strongly consolidated financial success. “Iron Man 2” has become even steeper and fast-paced in action to meet the expectations of the audience.

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Some people are so addicted to trying to create a sequel surpasses the original, which is poured into it all the ideas and potential storylines. Others confuse intended to create individual works of the three-act structure with a recipe for trilogies, yielding meaningless, devoid of the intermediate part of independence. The film “Iron Man” was lucky. The second part is largely inferior to the progenitor movies by Marvel Entertainment. However, the reason for it was not ruining many sequels desires to create the same thing, and respectable attempt to make deeper and the characters and the world they inhabited. As a result, “Iron Man – 2” was not only let not the most cheerful but still very good entertainment blockbuster but also presented a great recipe for the three-act film: to do everything the same, only without making mistakes and repetitions. This is Shane Black companions done.

Tony Stark again forced to suffer and to follow the path of self-destruction. However, if in the movie “Iron Man 2” has been a source of problems faceless and dull ticking because of the fact that the mechanism in the chest of the hero. Now everything is more fun: what he saw during the “Avengers” was not seriously frightened, and fear leads to insomnia, seizures panic and outright foolish and rash decisions. This problem is much more alive and it can be solved due to the interaction between the characters.

The main villain in the film, in spite of the trailer, again turns out to be the villain of the world scale, and another a genius with an occasion to avenge himself Tony Stark. Lack of personal charisma villain more than offset memorable henchmen, one of whom is a comedic character better than Tony. And the others and does burning thirst whenever his appearance commit any spectacular as possible and in no way similar to her sister’s action scene. Stark helps them in this struggle. That is crude wears a suit that was a reason to throw a piano in the helicopters. That will take to fend off assassins flushed with virtually no weapons. However, when the end of the film comes time to show in all its glory of sleepless nights spent for the machine for the production of armored suits obtained such action scene that surpasses all the battles of the first two films combined.

No less pleasing and secondary characters. Pepper Potts, has long earned a significant expansion of the role, finally dragged themselves several awards: one labeled “The smartest man in the film,” the other with “The most notable evolution of the character” logo. The boy named Harley and did was a miracle that exists on the legs. He reflects on the screen that seemed impossible: the young superhero fits naturally into the narrative and creates a hero with this interesting duo.

Children in the movie at all work out infrequently, usually slipping or hysterical fools (the so-called “realistic” option), or the annoying dwarf genius with the mind, malice, and life experience, which does not shine and the majority of adults. Harley skillfully settled somewhere in the middle. He is a talented, cheerful, and energetic and it was a teenager. The role of a friend of Tony Stark he goes much better than James “Rodi” Rhodes. In general, that Taya Simpkins, who played this role, has signed on the appearance of three more films Marvel Universe. Plainly not deserve praise except the already mentioned Rodi Rhodes. How to skillfully use nor the authors of this character, no matter how hard to throw up his successful, sometimes even funny scenes – still feels that the need for Iron Patriot quickly fizzles. Pepper, Harley and Jon Favreau enough to joke on Tony was someone to respond. Now it is ridiculous to think that once people seriously expect to see the spin-offs of the Warriors, he would be in the movies about the other characters hold. Do not be surprised to note that this review has paid the characters, such a film. This is not the “Iron Man – 2”: three-act film gift that is considered the start of the second phase in a single movie, scale and future topics of his stories really do not care.

Personally, I think that these films encourage people to act and do not to stop in front of any obstacles of life. Also, this film shows excellent storyline, which is interesting to watch. Taking into consideration the box office of these films after the release of the first part of the movie “Iron Man” would expect a large number of high-quality special effects in subsequent parts. However, the third part has surpassed all my expectations. The film showed high-level marks among audience and critics, thus winning my adoration. Despite all the risks, the first attempt to create a trilogy ended with success for Marvel.

In conclusion, the film “Iron Man 3” is entirely designed to ensure that jackpot Cinemas. Studios «Marvel» is not significant the product itself, the main thing in which it wrapped and how much you can earn on this. Then the movie came quite weak as the script and plot, as well as installation with some defects. That is not necessarily a direct fault of Shane Blake. Obviously, tight deadlines for the delivery of the film and they need to get it right now. There is still need to know the sense of proportion and not to stamp a year on some empty film disposable dust jacket.


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