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Mass media and social networking will make major alterations to gender roles in the next 10 years

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Mass media and social networking will change the gender role in the ten years coming. Mass media such as social media is changing the life and how people behave today. Mass media and social networking seems possible to influence and shape people’s thoughts concerning gender roles. It plays important role in creating social norms and values in different cultures today, because of different forms of media platforms, such as social media, advertisements, television, and film, which are available almost everywhere in our cultures.

Mass media and social networking act as very important tool of interaction, in cooperation with the family unit and peers, and it contribute to make sure that the gender roles are shaped effectively. There is no doubt that the mass media and social networking presents images that influence gender. It has been shown that men spend most of their time with male role-models on the television shows. But television as a means of socializing is accountable for shaping the gender roles of people.

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In the modern days it seems like most of teenagers develop certain stereotypes about what the sexes can perform or cannot accomplish. Most of people see the mass media as something unavoidably socializing with children into customary stereotypical roles, because of the popularity of such images on the television and the importance attribute to them by children. Most television pictures of boys, girls, men and women are more different and less clear-cut than such arguments. In today’s world, the television presents conflicting images which can be understood in several ways, and viewers are more dynamic to interpreters than the inactive recipients.

Craig states that, ‘the strong influence of the television may be greatest during teenage years (between 12 and 18), since at this stage gender plays a very prominent role in social life of teenagers. Gender images on television tend to develop and support traditional expectations among teenagers, while bringing to mind the role of variances’. Some people speculate that the space between a teenager self-concepts and highly fascinating media images may occasionally increase personal uncertainty.

In some families in which the gender roles are traditional, the television strengthens such gender roles. In this way TV most definitely plays a very important role in the developing of gender roles which will lead it to change in the next ten years. It is quite hard and difficult to cut off the role of mass media (Television), since people are now driven by their entire environment. Mass media and social networking seems possible to influence people’s thoughts and behavior concerning gender roles. The watching of television by people tend to contribute to gender role development stereotype of gender roles with profound TV spectators by what the media and social networking is presenting to people.

Social websites like Facebook enable people to upload their edited images; it is of interest to see how gender is performed today. Viewers should be aware of what the media is presenting to them, and make sure that they’re not actively taking part during a culture of oppression.

Teenagers must be aware of the messages that they are receiving from mass media and social networking because they are shaping our mind-set in today’s life, these platforms are changing live of people dramatically, norms and moral of different cultures have been driven away by the mass media.


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