Mass Shooting and Gun Control

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In December 2012, the debate on gun control peaked after the severity of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School “Mass shootings destroys communities, and the random nature increases fear and has overwhelming effects. While they are publicized, they remain an active threat (Swearer, 2019).”

In the last few weeks, we have seen an increase in mass shootings in the homeland, along with a surge of heated debates on the need to implement stricter gun guidelines and laws. Researchers examined the effects of salient issues such as mass shootings, and the possible effects of attributing blame for such events.

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“Federal agencies, law enforcement, police benevolent associations, public safety alliances, disaster preparedness groups, and public health preparedness groups, as well as academics are interested in understanding how to effectively prevent mass shootings. (Lemieux, 2014).”

What does it tell us about academic research, and about the research process? I’m not looking for your opinions or perspectives on gun violence or mass shootings, but on the quality and credibility of Lankford’s (2016) methodology, his sources of data, and the presentation of his research results. Is the research objective, and what – if anything – could be done to improve it? How would this study inform our decisions if we were developing policy?

The purpose of the research is to ascertain answers to questions through the application of systematic methods. The main purpose of the research is to discover and obtain the truth of a topic, which has not been researched in-depth as yet. Research also allows the writer to gain new insights into studies with this object in view are termed as investigative or to formulate research analyses.

This paper demonstrates that Adam Lankford used a Descriptive research method, Descriptive academic research surveys historical content, analysis of current content, qualitative content (narrative, supported theory, and case studies).

The research was objective because the problem was identified and Lankford gave commentary on both perspectives of the proposed solutions. The paper defined the focus of the study, identified variables that needed to be measured, and collected data that was necessary to highlight the objective. The research portrayed the accurate characteristics of a particular subject and determined the rate of recurrence with which the shootings occurs or how it is related to another subject matter.

The paper identified and developed the purposed topic, located resources, evaluated the information, wrote the paper and cited the sources. The paper covered both sides of the argument based on research and gave a proposed solution for the currently increasing problem.

To write a paper based on Lankford’s paper and research would benefit a government official who is developing policies towards gun control. In conclusion, research was given to support steps that could be taken to garner possible solutions.  

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