Masters of Entrepreneurship: Statement of Purpose

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The idea of American business in the 20th century calls to mind both images of industrialization and small business; monoliths that touch the sky, main street, and everything in between. The greatest legacies of American business are those that created new opportunities for themselves and countless others. Between John Rockefeller and Steve Jobs, American ingenuity and perseverance have propelled America to leadership status in the world. The study of entrepreneurship is important to all young Americans as it teaches the skills to be successful on an independent basis.

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The MSE program at UF represents an ideal platform for me to gain these valuable business skills, and help me attain my goals. I believe that the program will develop my current understanding of various aspects of starting a business, including identifying market opportunities, finetuning ideas, implementing strong systems, and executing business plans effectively. As the son of an American citizen and a Filipina immigrant, I have been exposed to two different cultures throughout my life, giving me a unique perspective on what it means to be a global citizen. Being fortunate enough to have traveled to both Europe and Asia, I have also gained a respect for how people around the world live their lives and conduct their daily business. Through this program, I hope to gain more insight into how the global economy functions, and how I can help a business succeed in any circumstances.

During my time at the University of Florida, I attained a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, while also taking multiple courses focusing on the fields of entrepreneurship and real estate. I intend to continue studying real estate at the graduate level, as well as the legal side of international business. My career goals include being involved in international start¬ups, acquiring a range of real estate properties (both domestic and international), and consulting. I do have a modicum of experience in entrepreneurship, owing to a business venture started by some classmates and friends.

This experience was eye opening to me, and provided a real world perspective on the basic processes of starting a business. We made mistakes and learned a great deal, but there was more room for improvement than I would prefer to admit. I believe that the MSE program will allow me to realize what my associates and I could have done to better execute our business plan, and how to utilize that knowledge in future ventures.

The Hough Graduate School of Business is a renowned institution with a strong focus on success in many different fields. In my time at the Heavener School, I was exposed to many different case studies and examples of firms across the globe – their strategies for success and the steps necessary to achieve their goals. I believe that the depth of knowledge from professors, guest speakers, and fellow students will be even more engaging and edifying at the graduate level, and the opportunity to work on collaborative projects, discussions, and assignments will help me grow into a well¬rounded and competitive individual. This experience combined with the vast network of global Gator Alumni makes this program lucrative for me to pursue my goals, therefore becoming my preferred destination for pursuing a master’s degree.

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