Materialism and Idealism: Philosophical Ideas

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Materalism and Idealism

Materalism and Idealism are two philosophical ideas that have provided more questions than answers in the interim of the universe and the birth of our world. Materialism pits the mind's focus on the so-called 'real' and tangible things of this Earth; those who believe in, and philosophize about Materalism focus on the flow of time, and how sentients flow through it. The conscious mind can only pick up (with the senses) what is materially available in the same plain of existence; Materalism is the focus of matter and how the brain accepts that we are free flowing agents in a capsule laid out with ground rules. Philosophy does not only focus on the unseen, it also takes aim at how anything real was created, such as space and time. When one asks if time and space are real, they are philosophising Materialism and exploring its foundation. Idealism stresses the focus of the 'unseen' and intangible; forces immeasurable to the five senses must be mused on somehow, and Idealistic principles allow the mind to take an objective point of view towards the unforseeable. Most film and literature are in essence byproducts of Idealistic Philosophy, the stories and universes the mind creates are all manifestations of the unknown. The rule set of every human's day to day are based on elements of both these philosophies, and they both help the mind (and in turn humans) realizing we are not only sentient, but celestial.

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The kidnapping and murder of Bobby Franks is a terrifying and depressing tale in which three men lost their lives; Chapter Three discusses in detail the plot of this story and its relevance. Two men in Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb kidnapped Loeb's cousin, murdered him, and phoned his parents seeking a hefty ransom. When in court, their defense attorneys claimed the boys shouldn't receive death as these instances were all meant to happen by design. The pre-destined nature of our Universe was claimed to have led these boys to kidnap and murder another young man; is there defense wrong if we have no way to prove otherwise? The Idealists claim free will and pre-destined lives to be a real notion in this plain of existence, and since Materialists believe in the utmost 'real' of this plane, they have no way to counter the Idealists on their theory. The Materalists in essence find themselves in a Catch-22 situation which is unwinnable in terms of debate and notion, the flow of time is constant, but the way we intersect with time is completely radical. The notion of free will and each person possessing a pre-determined destination is one of the few ideas that constitues Idealism as a philosophy. There are consistently changing situations within the span and flow of the Milky Way working by way of design of much higher intellect than our own. It is impossible to gauge the Universe, but the mind's eye seeks answers it may never receive. The beauty of philosophy is in these notions and ideas, it is what keeps us wondering while we stare at the stars.

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