Mathematics is the Only Course for Me

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I love Mathematics. It is an imagined world with a consistent system of rules that are meaningful, which can used in a wide range of real-life applications. Whether it’s tricky calculus problems or normal probabilities; it captivates my mind every time I study it and therefore, I believe it is the only course for me. Achieving a Pass in Level 3 Algebra in Year 11 gave me a preview of A level mathematical study. This is reason why I enjoy the Pure section in the A level syllabus the most, particularly proof.

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For me, what truly separates Mathematics from any other subject is that, unlike any other proof (e. g. historical or scientific), you can begin with a set of axioms and prove through logical operations mathematical fact that is true for the rest of time. Logarithms are yet another favourite of mine. Ian Stewart’s book titled “17 equations that changed the world” opened my eyes to the illustrious history of logarithms and the ease in arithmetic they have brought with them since their discovery in 1614. Moreover, not only are they incredibly useful in modelling populations to predict natural phenomena in Biology, they also have a firm basis in many chemical calculations involving pH. Beyond the classroom I have tried to gain as much knowledge as possible, especially in the topic of calculus. The YouTube channel "3blue1brown" gave me a deep insight into the essence of calculus and progressively taught me how to comprehend deeper concepts like the Taylor Series using visual imagery.

Furthermore, I was absolutely fascinated when "Eddie Woo" amalgamated complex numbers with trigonometry to elegantly derive the most beautiful equation in the whole of Mathematics, Euler's Identity. I regularly attend mathematical competitions, clubs and events. After-school clubs have allowed me to develop my skills in solving complex problems in the A level syllabus, whilst competitions, like the MathsBombe, have given me an opportunity to apply those skills intuitively in order to collaboratively solve mind-bending puzzles in a team environment.

In the past two consecutive years, I have achieved Bronze in The UK Maths Challenge. In addition, events, such as Maths Fest and Maths Inspiration, have provided me with a new lens to appreciate the link between the A level curriculum and more unfamiliar mathematical concepts beyond it. For example, I learnt how mathematical beauty exists everywhere in nature, such as, fractals which can be found everywhere from lightning strikes to our 150, 000km-long blood vessels or, better still, the Golden Ratio which is the central surd of almost every design in the universe from spiral galaxies to inside our own DNA.

In my spare time, I have tutored a Mathematics student for over half a year, during which I had a chance to develop effective communication, planning and organisation skills, whilst consolidating my basic mathematical knowledge. Beyond academia, I am dedicated to volunteering in my local community, whether it be caring for the elderly on a week-to-week basis or organising monthly youth events in my local community centre. I hope to continue this in my university life, both in and out of the lecture hall. Due to its versatile nature, Mathematics can be applied to almost all spheres of life.

This thirst for Mathematics graduates in today’s job market is one of the reasons why I want to pursue a career related to Mathematics. Thus, I hope to use your esteemed institution as a platform for me to launchpad my mathematical interests into a career.

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