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Matrix - This Movie Changed Cinema Forever

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The matrix: to say we are in the matrix’s would really be easy to quickly say no, to think of a human as being no more than a battery is in most circles of thinking laughable, we are not good enough as a power source to even be considered, with all that said now days I’m unsure what is real. I used to have a dream about being in somebody else’s dream and once he woke up my existence would disappear. I dreaded him waking up and I feared it for some time because this dream was so real. This is not to unsimilar to how MR. ANDERSON aka Neo, thinks his first meeting with AGENT S.M.I.T.H and him getting a stomach tracker is just a dream. The thin line between dreaming and reality is a hard line to walk, often he dismisses reality and lives in the dream. I think a lot of people would like to forget about reality and live in their dream world. That’s the beauty of the matrix, you could go to sleep and go to a different world, we often try to live in a world of make believe through video games, card games such as magic or now V.R games.

Morpheus: Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

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I had another dream that felt so real as well, I only had it once, but I would love to have it again there was so much I wanted to take more time on. I could have sworn it was real. I was on a pirate ship and we were in storm waters, everyone was racing around getting the ship secured. The waves were going up and down on the ship, it was hard to walk and move without falling over. All the sudden this huge wave comes and takes us up just as this monster octopus leg comes out of the water, the ship goes air born and I fly out of the ship. As I fly out, I am between sleep and awake and my body sits up, which wakes me up. With my heart racing, I actually felt like I was flying up. It was one of the craziest dreams I have had because of how it made me feel, I always wondered what if dreams were real because that dream felt real.

Descartes had similar questions the same as I have had. I had the same question about reality that he had for a long time. If reality is what we make it and dreams come from any aspects of our lives, be it our subconscious or from fear, the desire to have something. We all have been deceived by a dream before. Also, we are as a people subjectable falling prey to something called highway hypnosis, only to wake up and discover that you were only in a dreamlike state the whole time, and then questioning how did you get home? I have felt this way before when I was driving from Washington state to Florida my home state, I was driving at 3am trying to drive straight through to morning and after a while I noticed the time was 6am and I didn’t feel like 3 hours had passed. As well as I had a thought’s of working on a truck in my mind like I had just done it. It kind of scared me to think I might have not had been all the way coherent driving. I then stopped at the next rest area, woke up my wife, and had her take over the driving while I caught up on rest. How can I know that I am not dreaming now is the hardest question to think about? Which one is the reality? Descartes strove for certainty in the beliefs we hold. In his Meditations on First Philosophy he wanted to find out what we can believe with certainty and thereby claim as knowledge. He begins by stating that he is certain of being seated by the fire in front of him. He then dismisses the idea that this belief could be certain because he has been deceived before in dreams where he has similarly been convinced that he was seated by a fire, only to wake and discover that he was only dreaming. Morpheus: What is ‘real’? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Socrates’ believed by my understanding that some dreams may go way beyond our six senses. However, Socrates’ believed that we can not rely on our six sense’s because we can not truly believe what we see feel or hear. In our dreams we feel pain and hurt, even though our bodies may not be hurt we feel it as if it was real. So what world is our true world the world of the sleeping or the wake, which one is which am I awake or a sleep, is what we call reality truly just a dream. The Matrix isn’t real? What is real and what is fake, if it is just chemical responses and signals our brain will pick up, then we can not trust what we perceive or feel. So, is the matrix really real? I am actually not sure, if it was how could we ever know for sure, in the movie only about .025 percent of the world population might be able to be freed from the matrix. Is the movie the Matrix just something the Matrix created so we wouldn’t question the Matrix, it wouldn’t be all that different than say the U.S government relaying messages in comic books to the troops in the 1940’s would it. An example of a glitch in The Matrix the Sandford prison experiment, the student that played the prison guards and inmates adapted to their predetermined roles, behaving in a way that they thought was required, rather than using their own judgment and morals.

How can we trust our own senses? can they be trusted? Plato believed that true reality is not found through the senses. Phenomenon is that perception of an object which we recognize through our senses. Plato believed that phenomena are fragile and weak forms of reality. They do not represent an object’s true essence. The senses are not trustworthy. Plato believed that there was a higher realm of existence accessible only through using your intellect to go beyond your senses.

I believe to Socrates himself yes, it is real. To be living to Socrates meant having the freedom to question the whole world around him without any form of political retaliation. Though as Socrates might be willing to accept this, Plato would not be as willing for this kind of reality, Plato explores the idea that the real world as we know it, in which people who are willing to live might just be an illusion. The example is Plato’s, The Allegory of the Cave. There are people who would to be happy to sit and watch the shadows and believe them to be real even though they know better and would choose the cave much like Cypher did in The Matrix. W

then he chose The Matrix yes I know he was killed before his reintegration, there are those who will never chose to be in the cave or Matrix again.


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