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I think that Matt Ryan is a great leader both on the field and off the field. If you do not know what Matt Ryan is he is the starting QB for the Atlanta Falcons. He plays a huge role on the team not only as the QB but also as one of the team captain. Matt Ryan went to Boston College and was the second string QB. He never stopped working so he then worked his way up to the starting QB later that season. He showed many of young athletes that if you work very hard then you can become great at what you do and it all pays off. He was a great leader for Boston College and also many other young athletes. The next season after that Matt started 11/12 games with Boston College. He won a bowl game every season that he started with Boston. This shows how great of a leader he was just in college.

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In 2008, Matt was the third overall pick for the Atlanta Falcons. Matt was the starting QB for the Falcons even in his first season with them. He started to build trust and come out as a leader to both Atlanta and the football team. He worked as hard as he could from the day he got into the program and hasn’t stopped since. In his 2016 season, Matt lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl. He had one of his best seasons that year and the Falcons could not have gotten there without his. He showed Atlanta how great of a leader he was by bringing them there, and they could not have done it without him. Unfortunately, the Falcons did not win the Super Bowl but came very close to. His career did not end here, though. Being the great leader that he is, he brought the Falcons close to the Super Bowl the next year too. His career is still going on today.

When I think of a leader I think of a positive role model and having the ability to work with others. Matt has shown so many people that he has the ability to do this in his years as a NFL Quarterback. Matt Ryan is a very positive role model to not only other kids but also to other NFL players. He is a very humble man and is very great at what he does. Matt Ryan is a athlete that shows that you can have a balance between work and family. He must kids and is happily married. This shows many of people that you can have a balance with family and with your job.

Another thing that I think about when I think of a leader is the ability to work with others. Matt does a great job with this getting along with everybody on his team and having great friendships with many them. This is one very important thing that a leader must be able to do and he does this very well.

When you are a QB on a football team you need to be able to be able to be a good leader. Matt’s former teammate DJ Shockley said about Matt, “Regardless of age, when you’re the QB, you have to be a leader because everyone looks to you. He understands that already and has taken it upon himself to be that guy.” Matt demonstrates this perfectly. He has always been a good leader.

Matt has a great fan base behind him in Atlanta as well. Everybody had always been very supportive of him in his years with the Falcons. Everyone has always trusted him as the quarterback and has never doubted him. He has done this due to what a great leader he is with the Falcons.

Matt Ryan is not only a good leader on the field but also off. One big thing that I think about when being a leader is giving back to the community. Matt has definitely done this through the years. In 2014 Matt donated $125,000 to help pay for student scholarships at Catherine McAuley High School. Another time Matt teamed up with Aflac Cancer Center and donated $500 for every $1,500 donated. Matt Ryan sometimes where cleats that have the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta logo on them to show his support. He also has help multiple fundraisers for different causes.

Matt Ryan has been a team captain for the Falcons multiple years. It is not easy to be a team captain. Each year a team picks a few people to be the team captains of their football team. You have to be trusted by your team and also you fanbase as well. One huge role that you must play to be a team captain is you must be a leader. This is two of the many reasons that Matt Ryan was selected as one of team captains for the Falcons multiple years.

In conclusion, I think that Matt Ryan is a great leader and has lots of great qualities. He is a great leader because he is one of the team captains, he gives a lot back to the community, he is great with others, he is a positive role model, and he works very hard. With all of these qualities put together, he is a great role model.

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