Maus I and Maus II as a History Novels Based on Real Story

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Maus I and Maus II by art Spiegelman is a history novel based on real events and a real story. The graphic novel is about the author Art Spiegelman father's journey through the holocaust as a Jewish man in WW2 (spell it out). The article is called “Gunman in Egypt Attack Bus Carrying Christians Killing at Least 8 Wounding 13” This article talks about how Christians were targeted by a terror group and massacred on their way back form a holy site. Thesis statement This article is similar to the Maus books because it illustrates the massacre of people for no other reason the religion. 

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Into both texts talk about targeted killings of certain groups of people as a retaliatory measure. In the article, the terror group The Egypt Islamic State Affiliate (EISA) is retaliating to the governments jailing of EISA supporters. The EISA’s response was to fire at a bus of Christians”Masked men got out of them(reffering to the vehicles they were in), took the mobile phones of the passengers and then shot all the men dead” In Maus II the guards would ocassionly throw the Auschwitz prisoners’ hats over the prison barbed wire fence. When the Jewish prisoner would go to get their hat, they would be shot for trying to escape. The guards were doing this in retaliation to the speculation that it was the Jews fault for starting the world war. As hitler said if the Jews caused a world war they would be destroyed. Even though the world war was not remotely the Jews fault they were still blamed by some people.Both the article and text have killings for retaliatory measures. qoute

The Egypt Islamic State Affiliate(EISA) is similar to the Nazi Gestapo and the Wehrmacht in Maus because they are both terrorist groups. In the sense that both groups would go around and terrorize people. In the news article, it says that the EISA killed many people in their attack on the two buses. In the past they have also launched many attacks to terrorze the local Chistians and the coptic Christians. This also is including an almost identical attack back in 2017. In the Book Maus the main charactor Vladek is discovered hiding by the Gestapo in one of his secret bunkers and is sent to a place where he will wait to go to a concentration camp along with some of his family.

 Later in the book he is found by the Wehrmacht after the guards guarding him ran away from the incoming Americans. The Wehrmacht found him and the other prisioneers and rounded them up to execute much like when the EISA borded the bus and executed all of the males on the bus.

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