My Personality According to the Mbti Self-Assessment Test

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According to MBTI self-assessment test, my MBTI score is as follows: Extravert (81%), Intuitive (22%), Feeling (22%), Judging (28%). Test results record percentage for extraversion as 81%. I would call it partially correct because I very well understand the plight of introverts and the situations they go through while dealing with the groups or discussions. Introverts like to speak less and listen more. Being an extrovert does not make me less intelligible towards introverts. Being 22% Intuitive over sensing makes me more of person who likes to take good care of future opportunities. I totally agree with this percentage since I am more inclined towards having the big picture. I like to explore opportunities; therefore, being future focused. As the numbers are near to 20’s so at the same time I value common sense and like to stay realistic as well.

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Undoubtedly, figures for ‘feeling’ show conventional as 22% over thinking because I follow heart and emotions and careless in hiding them. I am compassionate and likes to cooperate with others but at the same time I know how to keep the balance between my emotions and stay as positive as I can; therefore, results seem appropriate.

28% Judging matches perfectly with my personality trait of staying aware and alert regarding tasks before reaching their deadlines. I like to do all the tasks in a planned and orderly manner. On the other hand, I am a bit on the side of perceiving as well because I am always curious to learn new things and expand my knowledge base

. To conclude, all the personality traits mentioned in the results are justifiable with my nature and the way I react.

Personality Strengths that I would bring to a team: As a team leader, I would like to bring these qualities to my team:

  • Seeing potential and recognizing the efforts of each other in a team.
  • Drawing out the best in team members, providing them with the camaraderie and mutual support.
  • Providing team members with the sense of co-operation and collaboration.
  • Instil the sense of enthusiasm and humour
  • Encourage team members with the confidence of speaking and showing courage in expressing their thoughts in front of all the team members.
  • Appreciate diversity in your team.
  • Encourage team members with genuine feedbacks.
  • Contribution to the team:

  • Being a team leader, I would like to develop the mentality of ‘we’ in the team.
  • I would try to stay approachable and be a role model for team members
  • I would play a positive role at team meetings
  • To increase the team’s cohesiveness, I would celebrate the team’s achievements.
  • I would listen to the ideas of team members and be respectful towards them.
  • I would like to devise the strategies for improving teamwork and communication among team members.

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