Mccarthyism and The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of treason without checking for proper evidence. Joseph McCarthy was one of the many Americans afraid of communism. McCarthy had been voted senator in 1946 after he ridiculed his opponent’s failure. McCarthy then began to accuse people in state and federal governments. The Salem Witch Trials, represented in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible are people being accused of witchcraft rather than communism. The parallels between The Crucible and McCarthyism are the symbolism between the characters and the context, the antagonists were only seeking attention and power.

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The parallels between mccarthyism and the crucible are the symbolism used between the characters and the context. The Crucible is a parallel to the communist hunt in Massachusetts. “Abigail: She always sings her Barbados songs, and we dance.”

 In The Crucible, dancing was seen as a way for conjuring the devil. Proctor questions Abigail what she was doing in the forest because he had seen someone naked. Abigail insists that no one was naked and they had done nothing involving the devil. Deputy Governor Danforth is symbolised as Joseph McCarthy. Danforth continued to put people on trial and condemn them especially if they denied having had any relations to the devil. “Danforth: Indeed not, but it strike hard upon me that she will dare come here with such a tale. Now, Mr. Proctor, before I decide whether I shall hear you or not, it is my duty to tell you this. We burn a hot fire here; it melts down all concealment.”

The parallels between McCarthyism and The Crucible are that the antagonists were only seeking attention and power. Joseph McCarthy won Senator and abused his power. He used more power than he actually had and made wild accusations. “Danforth: I judge nothing. Pause. He keeps watching Proctor, who tries to meet his gaze. I tell you straight, Mister – I have seen marvels in this court.

 I have seen people choked before my eyes by spirits; I have seen them stuck by pins and slashed by daggers. I have until this moment not the slightest reason to suspect that the children may be deceiving me. Do you ‘understand my meaning? Proctor: Excellency, does it not strike upon you that so many of these women have lived so long with such upright reputation, and – PARRis: Do you read the Gospel, Mr. Proctor?” They wouldn’t even let Proctor tell what he had to say. 

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