Mcdonald's and Burger King: What is the Difference?

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McDonald’s And Burger King: What Is The Difference?

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What makes them different and similar?

Nowadays people refer to go to fast food restaurants because some people think that cooking is a waste of time or they do not have time to cook due to stress. According to that McDonalds and burger King are examples on the most famous fast food restaurants that people can grab food on the go. McDonald’s and Burger King have been in business for more than 50 years serving over billions of people. McDonalds and Burger King are known for their burgers and fries. Nonetheless, MacDonald’s and Burger King are fast food restaurant that are similar, yet they are different in the cost of food, quality and the service of the food.

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Nonetheless, restaurant such as McDonalds and Burger King have to come out with something new from time to time to with acceptable prices to please their customers. McDonald’s prices might seem a little cheaper than Burger King’s; however, they generally tend to be around the same price, but there are few differences such as, McDonalds offer the dollar menu items such as ice cream and cookies which is convenient for just about anybody . On the other hand, Burger King has the value menu items such as drink, fries and burgers. Another difference is that Burger King unlike McDonalds tends to offer few items that are on the healthy side such as salads for people how refer healthy food, people who have sensitive stomach, and for people who want to lose weight, so people do not have to eat unhealthy food.

However, one of the reasons that make people come back to the same restaurant over and over again is the taste of the food, the way they cook their food, and quality of their food and services. Some people think that McDonalds and Burger King Food is the same in fact it is not. There are a lot of differences in the taste and quality and the way the food is cooked. First of all, McDonalds burgers are lighter than Burger King Burgers. Secondly, McDonalds fries their burger while Burger King fire-grill its burgers which make the burgers taste differently. Thirdly, McDonalds burgers Weighs about 1oo gm. whereas Burger King Burgers weighs around 120 gm. Fourthly, when it comes to fat Burger King has more fat than McDonalds burgers. For example, Burger King Burgers contain about 9 gm. of fat unlike McDonalds burgers that contains about 12 gm. of fat. The fifth difference would be that Burger King grabs children attention by serving chicken nuggets that has different shapes such as a crown. On the other hand McDonalds serve chicken nuggets that have no shape. Another difference is the service between these two restaurants. For example, McDonald’s orders are taken by an employee and the same employee serves the dish whereas Burger King Orders are taken by one place and served in another. When it comes to the drive through service, McDonalds unlike Burger King orders are double checked.

Nonetheless, even though McDonalds and Burger King have differences, but they are also similar to each other in many ways. To begin with, the both of the restaurants are fast food restaurant which serve fast food meals. Secondly, McDonalds like Burger King have a drive through service. Thirdly, MacDonald and Burger King both offer kids meals. Fourthly, McDonalds serve desserts as well as Burger King. The fifth similarity is that the McDonalds Big Mac is similar as the Whopper of Burger King. Another similarity is that the both restaurant give you the opportunity to celebrate your birthday with your friends and family. However, the most important similarity is that the both restaurant offer scholarships to college to students in need to help them build a bright future.

In conclusion, McDonalds and Burger King are examples on the most successful fast food chains. Both of the restaurants have been around for many years. These places are well known for their burgers and fries. Both of the restaurants have some differences such as the cost of the burgers, the special deals that the restaurants offer to save money for their costumers, the way the burgers are cooked, the amount of fat each burger contains, the overall quietly of their food, the chooses each restaurant offer for healthy people, and the way each restaurant grab people’s attention. However, McDonalds and Burger King have a few things in common such as having the drive through service, having kid’s meals, offering desserts, giving an opportunity to celebrate birthdays with family and friends, and helping students in college by giving scholarships. Anyway, we have to keep in mind that McDonalds and Burger King differences and similarities might vary from one country to another. McDonalds and Burger King invested a lot of money to reach their goals which are to become the best fast food restaurants and to call public attention to their products.

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