Mcdonald’s as Top Competitors of KFC Company

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McDonald’s is top competitors which brought the most influence towards KFC company. McDonald’s have much more branches then KFC around the world. Not only that McDonald’s have a lot of branches in Malaysia. 1982 April 29th McDonalds first join Malaysia market (Pui, 2017) and now they already have about 271 outlet in Malaysia and they also estimated that they will have about more 500 outlet in Malaysia by the years of 2020 (Wong, 2013). KFC, second largest restaurant in the world have their outlets around 120 countries with more than 18000 outlets. In 1973 KFC joint Malaysia. KFC was the first foreign fast food company that open their branches in Malaysia (KFC Malaysia). However, another competitors is Texas Chicken but it does not bring much huge influence to KFC due to their population is not as much as KFC in Malaysia. Texas Chicken have branches more than 1,700 locations worldwide in 23 countries. Here we can clearly see that the branches of Texas Chicken in worldwide is not as much as KFC and McDonald’s since Texas Chicken just have their first branches in Malaysia in 2013 (Texas Chicken History) until now Texas Chicken in Malaysia just five years, so Texas Chicken don’t really have so much people familiar and not much people have a favour on Texas Chicken due to unfamiliar.

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Next, is the their Menu. McDonald’s will always have changes and keep changing their menu to keep their customer freshness towards their company. They will release out various kind of food according to the season. They will have more seasonal menu and promotion such as recently FIFA World Cup they had released Rio series of menu set, Durian season come out with durian McFlurry, CNY with Prosperity set, Mix and Match with cost only RM 5.50 one set and now with Mexicana Chicken burger. McDonald’s menu have much more choice for their customer to choose if compare to KFC. However, if compare with Texas Chicken, KFC have a better innovating menu, because the core dish of Texas Chicken is just focus on fried chicken. If really want to compare, the menu of KFC is much more healthier then Texas Chicken. Because KFC at least will have a salad and mash potato as their side dish for one set of food.

Thirdly, is their ranking and sales volume. McDonald’s was ranked in number one in the analysis of Top 10 Fast food Largest Fast Food Chains In The World. Beside that, KFC company was ranked in number two in the analysis. However, Texas Chicken company was not listed in the rank in the analysis. Furthermore, comparing the sales volume part, McDonald’s sales volume is about 22.82 billion USD in 2017 and the sales volume of KFC is just about 4.2 billion USD in 2016 (The Statistics Portal). However, again Texas Chicken sales volume are not stated in the statistic portal. So, it bring a lot of difficulty to our group hard to make a comparison between sales volume of Texas Chicken and KFC as well as McDonald’s.

Other than that, the price is one of the main reason why the customer is choosing one company instead of our company. Higher price of the products in KFC compared to McDonald’s and there are also cheap alternatives available due to less economical meal sets offered in KFC compared to its biggest competitor McDonalds, which they more focusing on strategy of seasonal induction of tempting deals. KFC is better than Texas Chicken according to innovating menu such as Mac and Cheese, Cheezy Mushroom Crunch, and Chizza. But, Texas Chicken’s core dish of restaurant is only fried chicken. According to World of Buzz in 2017, a Malaysian guy has done comprehensive fried chicken review from both fast food franchise, which is KFC and McDonalds. The statistic showed KFC cost RM13.90 including the 20 cents of plastic bag, while McDonald’s costed RM13.85 for both regular sets. Hence, McDonald’s is still cheaper than KFC. 2 piece chicken ala carte in KFC cost RM 7.20 while Texas chicken cost RM 9.10. So in this comparison, KFC is much more cheaper then Texas chicken. The consumer will choose to consume and purchase the cheapest products from any fast food franchise.

From the perspective of balance meals, KFC did a better work than McDonald’s because their meal has more protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. For instance, KFC have chickens come with whipped potatoes, salads, buns and soft drink but McDonald’s have fried chickens with French fries and soft drink only in both fried chicken set. Compare both KFC and Texas Chicken in perspective of balance meals, they are same. Even though they are same but KFC meal is much more cheaper than Texas Chicken. Meanwhile, McDonald’s has provided more healthy meal and also vegetarian meals compare to KFC such as McVeggie, apple pie, and spinach pie but KFC and Texas Chicken only provide salads.

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