Me before You: Movie Review

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Me Before You: Movie Review

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Me before you is a drama and romance American film based on novel which written by Jojo Moyes 2012, it is about impossible love story between two different persons from various classes Louisa Clark and will Traynor which placed in a small city in England, Louisa Clark is a 26 years pretty tawon girl, she worked on café for more than 6 years and like to make tea, bake sweets and she is very interested of fashions and clothes regardless other didn't like her choices of her clothes ,Lou loved her job so much but the café had to close the doors because of some Economic reasons.

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Louisa had to find another job to support her family which is not a rich one. After a lot of failed tries Louisa went to job center and find one available job and it does not need many requirements or any specific skills with a good salary but this job was really unexpected for Louisa. The job was to take care of a man who is paralyzed after a motorbike crashed into him that caused him paraplegia disease, it’s a result of spinal cord injury so he needed someone to ta care of him for six months. This guy name is Will Traynor, he is solidly man with shaggy unkempt hair, handsome and rich guy but unfortunately he got to be confined to wheelchair permanently after the accident which made him lose the desire of life. Will was a very interested of many dangerous sports but after his fateful accident he was not able to do anyone of them so he was even depressed. Early in a Monday morning went Louisa to the place where she gonna work, firstly she had to meet Will's mother which name was Camilla Traynor, she is a tall English woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, Camilla and her husband Stephen feel so sad for their young son Will.

Traynor family live in kind of castle and its near to Louisa's house . Camilla meet Louisa with very strict features and asked her if she had any experience but she seem kind of goofy because she got no experience or any college degrees but Will's mom gave her a chance to start the job anyway, the mom take her on round in the Luxurious sitting room where the patient had to stay. In the beginning Will was little bit aggressive and refused to talk to Louisa.

Day after day Lou got nervous about this job and want to leave it but her sister Treeana convinced her to stay so she can help her parents while Treeana continue the college, Louisa’s family financial Difficulties forced her to go to the job every day with a very weird colors of clothes. Someday come some gustes to Will, she discovered that is Will’s old fiancée with his best friend and they gonna get married soon. Will got upset after they gone, he throw pictures frame on floor and he was angry on Louisa too and asked her to quiet but never because she really want money at this time. After this Will become more friendly with Lou and for the first time for while he smiled told him his personal nurse Nathan used to appear afternoon to take care of Will’s medical needs. Louisa has a boyfriend which name is Patrick, he is handsome, smart and athlete guy who likes run every time despite he could be injured or get sick. Louisa was unsure if she actually loved Patrick particularly when he focused only on his physical training despite they were together for more than six years but Patrick never asked her to marry and he ignores the emotional distance that has grown between them because of they don’t see each other so much Will’s and Louisa’s relationship has developed so much, Louisa could not ignore the fact that she fell in love in Will sepite his healthy situation.

I really enjoyed the romantic comedy that tells a story of complicated circumstances and too different people fell in a impossible love in spite of i am not a big drama movies fan but the characters and their characteristics really loved Emilia Clarke’s role in this film . it is impossible love story in my opinion because i feel so sorry for Patrick in this story he is a nice, decent and loyal guy, he is funny, ambitious really loved Louisa and take care of her, they have been together for more than six years .Meanwhile Will is kind of dull and selfish, he speaks with dully voice and the only thing he think about that he is rich and handsome regardless that he is thinking to end his life but that is not a reason to be aggressive and boring on everything.

In my humble opinion i think that all Louisa fell in love with is superficial and she is a lover of adventures and would like to change her life routine otherwise why she should fall in love with wheelchair guy and leave a nice guy how loved her so much and have been together for long time. I think also that the movies which called “good” should give people hope to life, this film is hope killer and it could end with better ending, the theme of the film have to be hope in life is bigger than everything in life even love. If Will really love Louisa from all his heart he should not decide to end his life after Louisa come and change it and the true love can change many huge decisions. I would not recommend this film to anyone who loves romance and happy ending movies because has a tragedy ending and complicated story but i would like to watch it with again with someone love.

I don't have any favorite scene in this movie but I liked when Louisa go inside the perfume store and bought her an expensive perfume, the happiness in her eyes was so nice and real, I liked that she passed away everything and decided to be happy all time. Even after Will gone he could push Louisa forward and supported her big dreams.

This movie is a good example for drama films, it has all specification even if the ending was not like all a drama lovers want but the characters and their expressions. The small details made it insane story Based on love which is what drama movies is about. As I always do I rate movies i watch and I will give this movie a 6 of 10, really good and interesting movie but I hated that Will decided to end his life, he got all support from everyone around him, he got so much money, private staff and endless opportunity for a better life?

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