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MeToo is a movement against sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and rape culture. This social movement is inclusive of all, both females and males. In it, people publicize their experiences of ... sexual harassment or abuse. It all started in 2006 when Tarana Burke, a sexual assault survivor spoke up on Myspace. Soon after this, Harvard University published the study called “Leading with Empathy: Tarana Burke and the Making of the Me Too Movement”. What started as a single voice against sexual abuse by Burke soon became huge. This tactic has been adopted a lot over the years. The idea is to empower sexually assaulted people through solidarity and empathy and offer strength in numbers. It prompted more and more people to speak up about the sexual harassment and assault, especially in the workplace. As such, a women’s safety in the workplace essay is very common in educational circles these days. Students that are assigned to write a Me Too Movement essay often tackle the harassment in the workplace. Others focus on the force that this movement had over the years, as well as its exposure on social media. In October of 2017, Alyssa Milano, an American actress said: “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem”. An argumentative essay on the topic can talk about the positive impact that this movement can have, as well as the limits to which this could go. Take for example, the most recent situation with Jonny Depp and his former wife, Amber Heard. A case that started as a ‘Me too’ movement swiftly turned into a defamation verdict. Of course, you can also focus on specific cases and evaluate how they affected the safety of harassed and abused people as well as led to the punishment of those that did the abuse. Your Me Too Movement essay could paint a picture of the many cases where victims got the courage to speak up and justice was served. Soon after this all began, millions of people had used the hashtag and phrase, and not only in English. The scope became tremendous, making this an international movement for justice with a big impact on society. There are many examples of this and millions uses of victims of violence. There are instances where justice was served and where no difference was made except for the courage of the victims to speak up. Over half of the American women reported receiving inappropriate sexual advances in a 2017 poll by The Washington Post. Even though such behavior usually goes unpunished, this certainly showed the world how grave the situation is. It also empowered people to speak up and stop feeling ashamed to be sexual violence sufferers. The powerful message and the big impact it had on the world makes this one great topic to write about. Still, writing on such complex topics is often very challenging for students. If you want some motivation and quality examples of what your paper should look like, go through our Me Too Movement essay examples here.

2006 - present



Main information

#MeToo is a movement that focuses on publishing allegation of sex crimes, with the aim to fight sexual harassment and abuse in different contexts.


Tarana Burke, an activist and sexual assault survivor, started the movement under the phrase “Me Too” on Myspace. Later, the tactic was adopted by many other people, who published their own experiences of being sexually assaulted or harassed.


The movement has received widespread media coverage and sparked discussions on sexual harassment all around the world. Famous American celebrities came out with their own experiences, which led to high-profile figures from Hollywood being exposed.

Key Quotes
  • “It’s long overdue that we expose this behavior and create environments where everyone feels safe and can be productive at work.” - Mikaela Kiner
  • “We make sense of violent events by choosing to deny that they happened - or by blaming the victim. This is true even if the victim is yourself.” - Sarah Kasbeer
  • “Let’s work together. Let’s heal together. And if you all are ready to do that work along with me, I can only leave you with these two words. Me too!” - Tarana Burke
Arguments For

The movement has empowered many women to speak up and stand strong, knowing that they have a community to believe and support them.

Arguments Against

The main argument against the movement is that facts must be checked before accusations are believed.

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