Mean Girls: the Relatability of the Movie

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The critique I am going to highlight and evaluate is the play of mean girls which is based off the very popular movie. I went to this play on October 15th, 2019 in the Civic Center on the field trip with a bunch of my classmates in arts and society. The field trip was a wonderful opportunity for me to be a part of and experience a very relatable movie that I had watched before in comparison to the play which is why I went.

I am seeing a play and the actor that I am picking out to discuss is Cady Heron. The first person I selected was Cady because I liked how they portrayed her character throughout the show especially from my perspective because I was once that new kid going into high school freshman year not knowing anyone. Personally, for me it was hard to try to fit in similar to what Cady had to endure. She was the main character in the storyline of the play, so I felt like that benefitted me in trying to follow her whole life story as much as possible. I definitely think that her speaking voice helped her standout to me personally. After viewing the play, I don’t believe that Cady remained focused throughout the play because when she was trying to find herself as a person and fit into a high school clique, she pretended to be someone she’s not. Her loss of focus ended up hurting her in the end. In the beginning of the play, Cady was very focused on trying to impress each and every one of her classmates. Leading towards the middle of the play, Cady was asked by Janis to basically spy on the three most popular girls in the high school (Gretchen, Regina, and Karen). Then towards the middle of the play, Cady had a party at her house which she found seamlessly harmless, but it instead turned out to result in the exact opposite as she intended. She ended up leaving out Regina and Janis out of the party. They of course then found out and it ruined their friendships tremendously till towards the end of the play. She also ruined her first good chance to be with her crush, Aaron Samuels, by not being herself and pretending to be a basic high school girl just trying to be popular by acting dumb at math just so he would tutor her. He obviously then found out about what actually was happening and started to not like her as much and told her to start acting like herself before that would ever change again. Almost at the end of the play, Cady was claimed to have written everything bad about all her classmates into a book that she didn’t write Regina did to frame her. Cady was suspended for three weeks of school and couldn’t attend the spring fling. They got into an argument and Regina then got ran over by a bus and had to wear a spinal cord brace for the rest of the play. At the end of the play, she got encouraged to join the mathletes club and she won the state championship for them. The teacher and the other students invited her to come to the spring fling and they made it just in time to hear the king and queen announced. The king was Shane and the queen was Cady Heron. Cady then followed the honor up with a speech apologizing to her best friend about how fake she was throughout the year and she should have been more truthful to her best friend Janis who has supported her through everything.

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The set was very well professionally done especially with all the props that had to go in and out to correspond with how the lights were used at certain times was very vital to spotlight all the actors and actresses on stage. All the costumes were spot on with the time frame and every single role they played with the scene that it was in. The sound was loud enough for me to get the whole experience of all the actors even being in one of the farthest rows from the stage. The music sound was not difficult from what I thought. I think all things considered the set, costumes, lighting, and sound was very effective in enhancing my experience of watching the play.

I have never gone to a play before, so my experiences are very limited to say the least. The only background knowledge I had was that being from Des Moines I had been to the Civic Center and I went to a show there once but that was when I was way younger, so I didn’t really remember much about it. But with everything going on with all the storylines to follow along with all the way through the play I really enjoyed it. In fact, if I had the chance to go to another play especially with the layout like the Civic center in Des Moines, I would most definitely be back to watch another play.

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