Meaning of Diversity: Why is Diversity Important

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Being exposed to diversity can change or enhance the way you think, which could be a good or bad thing. It teaches us to be more open and accepting to things or people that are different from us because the areas in which we differ are endless. Diversity is defined as “the inclusion of different types of people in a group or organization”, so why is diversity important. 

Diversity in the United States Army ensures that the country’s military force is a representation of the different people that live in this nation. It’s important that the Army is diverse because that is essentially what people in the Army stand for. America is diverse and prides itself on freedom for all. All means every race, gender, and color. It is what separates us from other nations. Diversity contributes to many things. It helps shape our identities and form who we are, challenge our beliefs, expand our minds, ways of thinking, see things from another perspective, appreciate others, reduce racism, prejudice, and discrimination, and also makes us more tolerant.

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Diversity comes in many forms such as gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, and age. The Army is full of people with different backgrounds. The new experiences we encounter contribute to how we all view of the world. Coming together as a nation generates ideas and brings new perspectives to the table that were never even thought of beforehand, especially in problem solving. Having alternative solutions for decision-making is ultimately better than one. It is good to have people of different race, gender, or religious practices because we can all learn something from each other. In the Army, being around people who are different from us makes us more knowledgeable, creative, smarter, and critical thinkers.

Not only does diversity in the Army make sure the Army looks like its’ people, but it also contributes to the enrichment of social development within the force. The exposure to people of different cultures and religions allows us to learn how to communicate and gain a different view of we may see the world. In some cases, diversity can make us appreciative of the hardships we have faced in comparison with others. Comparing the situations you have experienced with someone else’s could bring you to the realization that you may not have it as bad as you thought we did. You may also understand where one is coming from and why their behavior/actions are the way they are. Lack of diversity can cause huge misconceptions about people of other race or religion. If you plan to travel to a different country, you can quickly adapt because of all the diverse people you have encountered. Diversity is a step towards acceptance. It shows that you value the differences in people and why is diversity important .

Another benefit of diversity is that it fosters innovation. To be capable of innovation, growth, and change, you need diversity. The Army is growing and changing each day because we have many people joining and making a difference. When you feel like you belong, the work ethic improves which will eventually produce a new product or outcome. By having a diverse group of people, a variety of talents and skills will transpire. That can benefit both the organization and the people. In the Army, we may be tasked to execute a mission that will initiate a problem such as a language barrier and having someone of that certain racial group could potentially eliminate that language barrier problem. In the Army, success isn’t determined by what someone looks like. It’s about bringing together everyone’s different attributes and abilities in order to heighten the ability of operating successfully as a force.

Achieving diversity can be a difficult task because people tend to have biased opinions about others that are different from them based on the news, a television show they have seen, or word of mouth. Those opinions often become stereotyping and that reduces the benefits of diversity because not always do the stereotypes reflect reality. Many people are appreciative of the Army and what the force stands for. If the Army can be diverse and accepting of it, so can the nation outside of the military. America’s diversity is our Army’s strength. We have to ensure that when Americans see the Army, they see a force they can trust. It is best to keep any open mind to the new people you encounter.



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