Traits of a Good Person: Self Respect, Kindness and Prudence

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Prudence and Kindness are the Main Qualities of a Good Person

To start with, through this chapter the writer wants to describe the all major and sufficient components which may be plays an essential role to prove this topic accurate. There are numerous traits to prove to being good and appropriate to fulfill the desire of a person. According to the writer’s point of view having a great level of moral values are the better way is to being loved but from the smith’s perspective the meaning of virtue is not too simple as it is and hard to give a specific explanation. There are a lot of facets are introduced but the major three components are wisdom, fairness and welfare. These all the traits helpful to being us lovely and respectful person in the society and admired by the others too. The writer provides a huge information about these traits. According to the writer prudence means taking care of own, justice means, not to hurt anyone and the last one is beneficence which means to being good for the others. To explain in more detail, it has something more than that. To start with prudence means taking care of yourself means fully care of our self from all sides of aspects as health, money and also the status of a person in the society.

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An Objective Assessment of Yourself

A person should be fully active, physically fit and work hard to avoid over expenses to overcome the problem of debt. There is a challenge for an individual who are very sincere and honest. Thus, there is no need to volunteer everything to gain popularity. It just needs to reserve the actions of themselves. A prudent has maximum skills to achieve this goal and has good attempt to survive in all conditions of life and sacrifices a lot those he wants for those he wants to be in the future. It seems to be happy to provide help for others in the actual way. Furthermore, from all the aspects of this article it is clear that prudence is the perfect trait to show an individual’s talent with the genuine way. In short it is hard to explain in a sentence. It believes in say little and do much. In reality it follows this rule gain success in the life. The writer way of describe is very simple and fair. He seems to be against to all that ways which used by the people offenly thrust themselves as a public notice and reputation. we can maintain our dignity in the undignified world. According to the report of google up to 130 million books published in the world. So, it is difficult to encourage the people to read that writing which we write or like. Majority of the people used various ways to gain popularity among the all over the world. For instance, give the preference to upload the articles or stories on websites, take the help of blogs and try to show like it has something new. If a person wants to read what he does? Thus, social media is the modern mode of promotion. Some people feel shaming in self-promotion. In this chapter, one story is about a person who has facing the problem of dealt with a credit card company which sent him numerous notices and make aware him to cancel of the credit card. On the other side the person replied them that he is unable to pay the whole amount of his bill. It means people who like to being center of attention of themselves rather then take advantage of promote themselves. In this way it can be said that it is better to be a sucker rather than a shill. In the meaning of justice writer believes that a person doesn’t hurt others. It is a negative virtue. Any individuals don’t do that things or acts which we don’t like to happen with ourselves.

The Short Way Does Not Mean the Best

Sometimes our self-love or our internal attention encourage us to play dirty or use short cuts to fulfil our purpose. But when we think through the impartial point of view then we realize it’s wrong. It does not beneficial for us as well as others. For instance, when a person borrows ten dollars from someone. In order to the justice we require to return back that payment. In some cases, if we start to ignore that rules of justice, we are no longer reliable and capable of the highest badness. In this summary two various examples are provided. First is about a thief who does not feel that he is culprit when he steals from wealthy who may not be realize that something has been stolen from them. Second is example of flirter does not agree to prove himself an evil due to flirt with the wife of his friend. He just justifies there is nothing wrong to provide happiness and fulfil the wishes of his friend’s wife if he is unable to engage in love of his wife. In this way, this act does not spoil the peace of his family. All of us learnt a lot from the world around us. It creates conflict when we know the difference between right and wrong. Writer appeals that always pay the debts, don’t become theft and never reveal your spouse. It is major aspect of tackle our faking face. It can be understanding that something is depends on human nature means hard and fast rules have great importance as compare to the rules that are slight relaxed. The accuracy of rules of justice provide us a path to move on that to achieve the goals that necessary to strong the bond of relationship with others and become much careful about welfare acts as writer explains. According to the writer prospect beneficence is another moral value of smith’s virtues and it means doing good. Everyone don’t try to play tricks with others. But it is not easy to do good with others every time. Some bad or negative attentions of a anyone stop him to do so. It seems like easy rule to follow and more straightforward as it is in some circumstances. Revealing appreciation to a person who give some money when we have suffering pain but along with this it is also our responsibility to return that money when he got in trouble. In some cases, there is big difference in the circumstances both of us. It can be great stress for a person although there is no big deal for others. Because there is no similarity in the financial level of both parties. Gratitude is most essential part of beneficence. There are some others virtues as friendship, humanity, and hospitality and charity.


There are numerous virtues that are followed by the individuals to make their life easier as well as the others. I learnt a lot of things through this chapter about the moral values and how a person plays an essential role in order to make life easier of others. There are three various rules provided by the writer which are interrelated with each means take care of own is the first step that can be taken to do something good for others. Because every person has some feelings and self respect. Thus, when he cares of himself then it is not hard for him to think about others. Nobody wants that something wrong happened with themselves and don’t try to create hurdle for opposites. Self- realization is must for completing all the requirements which are explained by the writer. Apart from this self respect, sympathy and helpful nature is really beneficial to make the society valuable place for living and peaceful atmosphere for everyone.

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