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Veteran’s Day, what does that mean exactly? Well, the idea of what this holiday is all about is different for different people. But what was the actual meaning of this holiday when it was first created? At first, it was created to honor the end of World War I but as time went on it evolved and is now celebrated by honoring all veterans of war. To me, it means that we must thank them for helping us and serving our country. Sometimes we don’t realize that we may not be here if they didn’t defend us.

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To me, this holiday is meaningful because I have multiple family members that were in the military, more than one on each side of my bloodline. On Veteran’s Day and the days around Veteran’s Day, we hear some of the stories from our veteran family members. We eat lunch at my great aunt’s house and hang outside around the pool. As I got older I started to realize how critical this holiday is. Now I look at it as more than just a hang out with my family. I think wow, some of my family fought and risked their lives to protect us and the U.S.

I really think that patriotism and loyalty to our country which is what the military and veterans show when they fought is why we, as a country stayed as one. My grandfather was in the Vietnam war, her severed for a total of 4 years as a helicopter mechanic. He fixed fallen helicopters in the firing zone and still came out alive. Both my great grandfathers served in the armed forces. I also have a great uncle who served in the marines and was in the Vietnam war as well. My uncle was a guard at the US embassy in foreign countries.

Now to get into detail about how I really feel. The work that they do and the role that they had to accomplish are amazing but also life-threatening. Think of it this way, just imagine you were in their shoes. You go into a war, a firing zone, and being aware that you may not make it back alive. The veterans knew that they could die but some still charge in wholeheartedly.

They acted as this was their final day on Earth so they were going to make it count. I think that any time I read or see what the veterans did for us, they secured us and their families. Military today still work to protect us and that makes me feel safe and proud to live in the United States of America.

Well, I know that without veterans that fought in our wars, we would not be living, or if we are living we would not be living as well as we are right now. In conclusion, I know that veterans are important to celebrate. They fought and risked their lives to protect us and so, we must thank the veterans that we lost and the ones that are still  

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