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Media Design And Good Games

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The game should not be similar to other games and include its own unique functions and aspects. The Sims game series can be recognized as an original game since it gives the player the ability to create a sort of “second life”, which cannot be done in many other games. The combined actions the characters of the game can do–such as dating, then proposing, then having a wedding, then marrying, then having babies, and then dying–is original since such a long a complex series of actions cannot be done in other games as effectively as it can be done here. “Freshness and replayability

Every turn or round of the game should different, which will make people not get tired of the game too easily. Pac-Man is an example of a game that exhibits this since the movement of the ghosts that chase Pac-Man is random and always changing. The rush that the game gives the player makes them want to replay the game with the determination that they will win the next time. This can be caused because the game is always different every round, which makes the players think they can ace it the next time since they were so close to winning or something of that sorts.“SurpriseThe upcoming rounds of a game should not be easily expected since this will bore the players and should have sudden “Wow” moments that make people see new aspects appearing everything.

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Plants Vs. Zombies have different plant types and zombie types which surprises people with the unique abilities that they each have. This makes each round of the game unique since there are different actions occurring due to the different characters. The settings that the plants and zombies fight are also new in a series of rounds, which is also a surprise since each place has different advantages and disadvantages that make the player interested and amazed.“Equal opportunityEvery player in the game should start out the same, with no players having things that the other does not, in order to guarantee that they all can win and only their choices will affect their success. In PUBG, every player starts off with nothing, starts off at the same location (a plane), and are given the choice of where they land. No player has an advantage such as a weapon or extra strength, which allows everyone to have a chance of winning.“Winning ChancesEvery player should have a chance to win the game, no matter what.

This can be displayed in Chess, where all the players can win if they use strategies and think thoroughly. If the player is actually immersed in the game and uses effective methods to get the other side’s king, they will always have a possibility of winning. This possibility is always present.“No “kingmaker effect”In a game, the player who has lost or has little chance of winning should not be able to guess who the champion of the game is going to be since this makes them lose interest. For example, in Counter-Strike, players who have died can observe the game and movement of the opposing team and their players. The dead players are not able to guess who the winner is going to be since both teams have a chance at winning. This game is an example of a computer game with no “kingmaker effect” since the players are interested in the game until the end for the sake of their team winning.“No early eliminationPlayers should survive throughout the whole game and die in the end. In Snakes and Ladders, the player will only lose when the other player beats them. The snakes will only cause them to revert to a lower level and not completely annihilate them. All the players do not die until the end and only gets pushed away, and they can always go back up and try to win.“Reasonable waiting timesPlayers shouldn’t have to wait for a long time in a game such as a multiplayer game for their turn as they will lose interest. UNO is an example of a computer game with a short and effective waiting time. After the player has placed the card, the computer will only take around 1-2 seconds in order to place the card. This is reasonable since it’s not too long and also the player can plan ahead what kind of strategy they will use in order to win.“Creative controlA player should be able to control what they do and actually perform the actions, not just click a button and wait for the process to happen.

Cooking Academy is an example that allows people to actually do things, such as cutting, mixing, boiling and others. For example, in most cooking games, the players only tap and something automatically happens such as an onion (virtual) being diced, but in this game, the player actually has to drag the cursor across the stripes of a virtual onion, and turn the board around to click the mouse in order to dice it up. Because there is a timer, it makes the game challenging and the players can actually feel the pressure.“UniformityAll the graphics of the game should be expressing the same theme and/or design.

For example, Grand Theft Auto’s title is written in a cartoon-like font that looks dangerous and wild because all the graphics in the game are animated into a cartoon and the game itself is a theft game, which shows the dangerous part that the title presents. The sound effects also relate to this theme in the game.“Quality of componentsThe graphics and actions of the items that can be performed inside the game should follow the theme and be interesting to the player. In The Room, a game that can be played using Steam, the mysterious and haunting graphics of the escape room follows the dangerous and scary theme. In addition, the objects around the room have weird visuals and have interesting functionality, which keeps the players interested. This creates a good game since good components can also make a good game better.“Target groups and consistency of rulesA game should follow a specific theme and not go towards other; for example, if the game requires thinking, there should not be an aspect of luck. In Tetris, the player has to consistently use strategies and speed in order to win.

They have to rapidly rotate the blocks and think of the arrays they want to put the blocks onto. There is no dice-rolling or wheel of fortunes or something that happens by chance.“

Tension The tension that is focused on a game is related to how much the player thinks it’s interesting and how concentrated they want to be into that game. An example of a game that causes tension peaks like Graph A’s in the second figure is Vainglory. Players “die” during the game, which means they are inactive for around 10 seconds and respawn later. During this time, tension increases since the inactive players will think their team is in trouble when there are fewer members, and their tension will still be there, but less, when they are in the game since they know they can lose at anything. The tension that Vainglory causes to the players makes it an interesting and appealing game.

Other Feature(s)Interesting Storyline: The storyline of a game should attract the players’ attention and is an important aspect since this is also a preview of the game. With an interesting storyline, players will want to find out more and see what their actions will do to the story. An interesting storyline can also hide the gameplay if it is a little weak. An example of a game with an interesting storyline would be Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game has a very interesting storyline but a weaker gameplay since it does not have a multiplayer function but is still very popular due to the storyline.

Complexity/Challenge/Ability to Choose Difficulty Levels: A game cannot be too challenging and complex, and cannot be too easy and simple. If it is too hard, players will give up easily and if it is too easy, players will find it boring and quit playing. A game should have a normal level of challenge or even better, an option to choose difficulty levels. For example, in the survival mode of Minecraft, there are options between easy, normal, hard, and hardcore. This allows the players to choose the difficulty level they are most comfortable with or are interested in the most. If they want a hard one, they can choose a hardcore level to challenge themselves and when they get too frustrated, they can go to an easier game, which will keep them playing the game and actually immersed in it.


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