Media Importance in Decision Making

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Being a media and information literate is something that is quite important nowadays. Because of media, we are able to have a good grasp of information quickly, helping us in our everyday lives. Whenever we need to access information quickly, we could simply have a few press to button in our gadgets and have the needed information. In this paper, I could share the specific situations that involves making decisions that are based from popular media. Even though I’m not well versed and adept in being literate at media and information, I could attest that I can also use this in specific situations that involves making decisions based on information from popular media, and it helped me a lot

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Here are some of them:

(Note: The following information is based from true events and actual phenomenon that took place in the student’s life. It is quite confidential but is told for academic purposes. No part of this paper is copied, altered or changed, and it is the very effort of the student, char! )

Situation number 1

During my sixth grade, I am persuading my parents for me to be allowed to join the leadership seminar in Villa Lorenza resort in Pililla, Rizal. It was something that I am looking forward since the fourth grade. Many of my classmates are always telling stories about their experiences in different resorts, and I am envious with them. They told me it would add my knowledge in leadership development. I thought that it will be a memorable event for me, even though it costed me a sum of 3,500 pesos. I had to decide properly. Then, I realized something. I could video call my father far in the ship. I realized that he could grant me to join this event. Even though my mom is mad, my father allowed me and gave me the money right away. It was truly memorable yet I lost my borrowed slacks in the resort which costed 500 pesos. Because of skype, I persuaded my father to join the leadership seminar in Rizal.

Situation number 2

During my fifth grade, I and my mother are waiting for the field trip in Laguna. We already prepared our food and baggage, and everything was set. However, the weather is not good and a typhoon is heading in Laguna, and that was July. Few days before the much awaited field trip, a weather forecast was reported, and we became knowledgeable that the week would have inclement weather. Even though majority of my classmates are prepared, we had to cancel the trip and move it several weeks away. The administration is after the safety of the people, even though plans were made and prepared, we had to cancel everything and take the exam first before going to the trip. Also, the typhoon left a significant damage so we are thankful for the cancellation.

Situation number 3

This happened during the advent of Dengvaxia vaccination from Department of Health. My little brother was about to be vaccinated, but Thank God to the latest news forecast. Many died because of this vaccine, and high officials are being suspected. Because of news forecast, my mother is aware of its dangers. Thank God the news is updated. I don’t like my brother to be included in its victims.

Conclusion: Media is very important in decision making, and because of it, people are easily informed and it could affect them to decide wisely when pertaining to crucial situations. Therefore, the significance of popular media cannot be denied for its usage and help.

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