The Review of Media Protocol: a Bridge Connecting Content Creators and Consumers

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Reading online and surfing the internet for materials by students, teachers, businesses and even those who read generally for fun, has been the trend ever since the invention of the internet, content creators and producers over the years are not been appreciated as they ought to for the contents they create and produce for consumers. There is great discontentment with content producers, as their work has been made of little significance by the undecentralised platforms that share from the benefits and financial rewards that should be the producer's alone. These centralised platforms stand as intermediaries between the content creators and consumers, leaving them with little or no control over their audience. These content creators in terms of revenue returns that comes from selling their content to consumers are cheated, when profits from the sale of contents are distributed, it first goes round intermediaries and at the end little or nothing is left for the contents producer, nothing could be more discouraging. Many content creators end up not continuing as a result of their effort been wasted, some have wonderful contents to create and share but do no because their works is not duly appreciated. To tackle this issue and return sanity to content distribution platforms, the Media Protocol platform was created.

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Like an exchange rendezvous, Media Protocol is a meeting point for content creators and consumers, created to help maintain a smooth relationship and provide an on-the - spot service to content consumers. It aims to create a mutual relationship between itself and the content producers, such that it allows them to freely publish their content without restrictions or delay and still goes ahead to engage the consumers,so as to augument the profit of content creators. With the Media Protocol platform, payments for content consumption are made directly to the content creators and consumers by elimination of the need for intermediaries, hence returning control back into the hands of content creators. The overall activities of the Media Protocol platform is entirely controlled through the use of tokens. Also the decentralisation of the Media Protocol platform, makes it possible to take control out of the hands of social centralized systems back into the hands of content distributors and producers.

The system is distinguished in the sense that it allows for the exchange of contents between content creators, producers and consumers. The consumer, content creators and producers are able to exchange data as well as rewards in the distributed network. The platform fosters direct payments for all contents to its owners, eliminating all forms of intermediaries.

Content Creator>Producers>Consumers.


  • Content creators and producers victimization
  • System centralization
  • Too many intermediaries
  • Inability of content creators to access audience


  • Ensuring a platform where payments are made directly to content owners
  • Elimination of intermediaries
  • Accessibility of content consumers by content creators and producers
  • Decentralized blockchain distribution system.


For years, content creators and producers have been deprived rewards for efforts put into their work, some for this reason give up content creation, because they can't bear the frustration any longer. The creation of the Media Protocol platform, brought a new ray of hope to content creators and producers, as there is now an enabling environment for easy publishing of their content and sharing it directly with their consumers and receiving instant and direct payments, and having no need for intermediaries. Content sharing hasn't been this easy, efficient and convenient, with Media Protocol, control is back in the hands of content creators and producers, enabling due appreciation for a well done job.

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