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Medias View On Beauty And How It Destroys The Youths Self Esteem

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder this quote quickly loses its value when you ask a girl at the ages of 15-17 what they think beauty is they almost automatically refer to their favourite celebrity this then shows us how the media influences the view and perspective of the youth on what beauty is.

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According to Katie Atkinson “magazines, movies, and commercials have poisoned girls with the idea that they can only be beautiful if they have long legs, great hair, and curves in all the right places”.

According to modern day society, “girls should walk and talk pretty”, have perfect skin, and cake on makeup; they should watch their weight and keep up with the newest trends in fashion. This is just one way the media imposes their distorted views on beauty on our impressionable youth.

However, do not be fooled the media also plays a big role on how male teens at the impressionable ages of 15-17 view beauty. The medias distorted view on beauty creates a social norm that targets teenagers because they are easily influenced.

The media creates the idea of beauty for the rest of modern day society to live up to. The pressure to be perfect begins with the medias view on perfection and beauty. The medias perspective on what beauty is does not only harm the youth’s self-esteem but is a stepping stone to the encouragement of many of those stereotypes given to those who don’t fit into the medias perfect idea of what beauty is.

My question is: why? Why pursue a superficial image that is ultimately unattainable? Why conform to society’s distorted standards? Why choose to give in and believe that you are not good enough?

Through my research task, I would like to show how the media has a negative effect on the youth of the 21st centuries self-esteem, I will also show how the medias social standard of beauty encourages stereotypes and how this later leads to self-harm and the struggle to fit in.

There are many sources that I have consulted regarding my topic of research. These resources have showcased the issue. These sources assist in reinforcing the purpose of the research, how we can go about solving the issue, as well as achieving the solution.

The first resources outline the issue which is how the Medias opinion of beauty sets social standards that the youth feel pressurised to meet. The article clarifies how far ladies will go to shed pounds and be acknowledged by our general public. The impacts the media has on beauty and self-perception, expressing that young ladies as young as 5 and 6 are endeavouring to take control of their weight by slimming down or vomiting. Likewise expressing that ladies that don’t feel as beautiful as the models or celebrities will go to extremes and purchase more cosmetic items, corrective items and even eating regimen control items to try and meet the social standard set by the media.

This article expresses how the media has a negative impact on our youth’s self-esteem almost forcing them to conform to the social standards forced upon them by the media. An intriguing truth that I found in this article was that, Specialists producing a PC model of a lady with Barbie-doll extents, for instance, found that her back would be excessively powerless, making it impossible to help the heaviness of her abdominal area, and her body would be excessively thin, making it impossible to contain the greater part a liver and a couple of centimetres of gut.

These specialists built the Barbie doll according to what the media thinks beautiful is and the result was something that could not survive. The media tells us the general public we as a whole need to resemble the old Hollywood glamour.

The following article I discovered said, “magazines and television have an enormous impact on us and influencing us to need to look like Hollywood models or men, with minor bodies or huge muscles”. Likewise, how eating fewer carbs is depicted and how the media tore separated Jennifer Love-Hewitt for wearing a “swimsuit when her size 2 body wasn’t in the best state of her life”, yet at the same time exceptionally thin and slim.

This article likewise says how a large number of young men and young ladies tumble to dietary problems consistently on account of needed to look like Hollywood A-listers. The Resource is useful yet poses certain limitations, for example, they mainly talk about thin women and not men or overweight people they label beauty struggles with gender.

This resource mentions that the solution to the above issue can be addressed by adopting a healthy body image it also shows us how the media distorts the meaning of beauty Needing to shed pounds is all right, yet going to extremes to be acknowledged as impeccable isn’t.

The following article I found completed an investigation on school guys and females asking them how critical self-perception is to them. This examination demonstrated that numerous female understudies observed self-perception to be critical and even recorded a few things they do to enhance their self-perception, two or three them are purgatives, self-initiating regurgitating, dietary problems, likewise exorbitant exercise.

“Since my exploration is about the impacts of the media on a teens self-perception, I needed to look more into who puts the advertisements of weight reduction into these magazines and for what reason do we need to be thin to be acknowledged”.

I found that the administration really has some fault on why females feel that they should be stick thin to be viewed as solid and delightful. This source is exceptionally intriguing because of the way that it discusses the legislature and how they are concentrating on finished weight and stout individuals which just puts weight reduction and eating regimen promotions in the media.

Likewise, with the administration concentrating more on corpulent individuals all the more financing is going to associations concentrating on that and letting dietary problems simply fall into the residue. Dietary issues presently influence all the more than 1 in every 100 young ladies. An intriguing reality found in this article was that it expressed dietary issues may not be activated by thin models but rather may force them toward showing signs of improvement and endeavouring to get help.

I found that we as a general public are continually being misinformed for the way that each photo in a magazine is made up, yes a models body is immaculate yet with the advanced improvements we have now, the media can make anybody faultless.

Another fascinating truth found in the article was that if the cash and assets spent screening design models went to consider the genuine reasons for anorexia rather; we would be significantly nearer to finding powerful medications to treat the disorder. The Resource is useful yet poses certain limitations, for example, they recommend the implementation of strong medication to suppress disorders which I feel is conforming to social substandard.

An article in the Nursing Standard expressed a few perils of dietary problems like the expansion hazard for barrenness, osteoporosis, B12 lack, iron deficiency, psychological well-being issues. It additionally discusses why we even enable a size 0 to be worthy. Likewise expresses that the London fashion agencies trust that form looks great on thin young ladies, which is the reason they won’t boycott measure 0 models, despite the fact that this size is exceptionally unlikely to many. This article additionally specified while discussing size 0 models that physical magnificence is just shallow, genuine excellence is the thing that we are inside. This article clarified what issues oblige dietary issues while contrasting them with models and how the form and media industry trusts that thin individuals look better in high design.

Since more youthful ladies seek magazines and media for help with their very own appearance, these stick thin ladies in magazines are demonstrating to them that they should be stick thin too. Since a few people don’t trust that dietary issues are happening in the form business with models I found an article disclosing the end result for an overworked model who lived on an eating routine of tomatoes and apples.

This model was 21 years of age, remaining at 5’10 and just weighing 88lbs. (The Inside scoop) This article clarified that the model appeared to be fine, nobody troubled or specified her weight since it appeared to be ordinary until she died.

In view of the expansion of passing’s in the displaying scene the Madrid Fashion Week Association restricted models with BMI’s under 18. Alongside the Madrid Fashion Week Association and the England models currently being analysed for dietary issues, numerous form originators are moving far from the super thin bodies and making all the more a limitation on BMI and body weight moreover.

Something that extremely stood out to me in this article was a statement from Portage displaying organizations, “Ford Models Chief Executive Officer Katie Ford says that models speak to a dream altogether different from the truth of America’s medical issues”. The most concerning issue in America is obesity. Both obesity and anorexia originate from various issues, and it is difficult to ascribe either to the media, be it film, television, or magazines”.

The Resource is useful yet poses certain limitations for example they recommend the implementation of diets to conform to societal standards set by the Medias distorted view on beauty.

“The media influence on Body image disturbance and eating disorders: We’ve reviled them; now can we rehabilitate them.” Is another article I found which causes me to demonstrate that media, similar to television, film and magazines do in certainty impact individuals. This article depicts how the broad communications might be the strongest and unavoidable communicators of sociocultural models.

This article likewise completed an investigation on young ladies and how they are impacted by the media, especially magazines. They found that 83 percent of high school young ladies spend a mean of 4.3 hours seven days perusing magazines and 70 percent support them as an essential wellspring of magnificence and wellness.

This article likewise depicted what the magazines say is a perfect young lady which is, a young lady whom is 5′7 measures 100 pounds and is a size 5 with long blonde hair and blue eyes; if this young lady was reasonable she would have a BMI of 16 which is obviously underweight and exceptionally unfortunate.

This article additionally expressed that under 10 percent of ladies showing up on television were overweight, the rest were under, (Thompson) which demonstrates that what we are seeing on television isn’t reasonable to numerous individuals.

Another issue that I am covering in my exploration is the way the media influences young ladies to need to change themselves, their body weight as well as their regular picture. This conveys me to plastic medical procedure, on the grounds that with plastic surgery you can make yourself fit into what the media deems beauty is.

The Resource is useful yet poses certain limitations, for example, they recommend the implementation of reconstructive surgery to make yourself beautiful coincides with the Medias view of beauty.


Research Method: Quantitative – Qualitative research concerns the study of things in their natural settings in an attempt to make sense of how people understand social or human problems. The approach used involves collecting data in the setting of those being studied, analysing data and interpreting its meaning. A tightly focused research question is developed.

Research Type: Primary

Hypothesis: The medias view on beauty is distorted and harmful to the youth’s self-esteem and teenage body image and teen girls are most affected by this distorted view.

AIM: The aim of this investigation is to be able to create awareness of how the media distorted view on beauty affects the youth’s self-esteem and what consequences the social standard brings with it.


  1. I had created an online poll and survey regarding the issue
  2. I had posted the poll online
  3. I had given out the hard copy of the poll shown below to people in my school and complex with access to the media to an even amount of people and gender 20 girls and 20 boys
  4. The results were analysed and made into graphs so that I could show the analysis of the poll/survey.

The reasoning for the research method:

The reason I had conducted such a short questionnaire was because I wanted to conduct more of a poll to get statistics to work with in order to prove my point a total of twenty people from each gender were asked this question all of them have access to the media and have been briefed with what the media deems beautiful.

I had tried creating an online poll using a website but my results were inconclusive as there were no participants online at the time and therefore I decided to use the learners in my complex and school to get the youth’s perspective.

Data collection strategy: The data will be collected by means of a questionnaire strategy. The observations of this investigation will be used as raw data.

Research ethics and validity of data:

  • The research question may affect certain parties, such as the magazines, fashion industries and media, whom might feel as though this research task poses a threat to their business.
  • During the data collection process, one must ensure that the surveys are not offensive to the person answering it as this may create complications in further research.
  • The hypothesis of the investigation might be a biased approach to the topic and may affect the opinion of others.

Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?