Mediatization of Sport: Football

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When talking about mediatization, it is important to note that mediatization is a process, not an event. Media is a key element to the most of institutions that we encounter in our daily lives, of which football is one example. The roles of media in sport are to educate, to inform, to entertain and to advertise. The role of media is to educate the people of how football is played, so it coaches some programmes and documentaries which help people to educate on the different activities. Regarding another role of media which is to inform, it means to get the people advertised about different products in order to sell them.

Then, in terms of advertising, it can be understood for example, different brands that are sponsoring the football in the arena and also adverts which are showing the players advertising different products. Besides these, people are also entertained in sport by watching football on TV wondering about whether the team that they support will win the match. To make the point that football has become mediatized, it is necessary to define the concept of mediatization, and how it can be applied to what it is, and has been, going on in the world of football. Football is, of course, not the only element in contemporary society to be impacted and changed by the media. In fact, it is difficult to find a sector that has not been impacted by the growth of mass media. Football becomes mediatized as it increasingly relies on media submitting its logics and needs, while at the same time football media itself comes to be more important than just a reporting on who won what game. It is important to keep in mind that the mediatization of football is a long-term process, and when the mediatization of football is discussed, it is necessary to take such a long-term view in order to understand how football has come to its current situation. Therefore, what we might recognize as football, in the sense of its rules and style of play, can be said to have originated in the 19th century in the English public school system.

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Media has been developed over many years. Regarding the influence that media has on football, we can show television as an example. So television has meant that matches can be televised which allows people to watch the games from their homes. Television supports football by bringing a lot of advertising which is a necessity for football since it provides players with money and helps them to be more successful. Furthermore, television gives many viewers the opportunity to watch the matches more than one. Another positive side of television is that it provides many jobs for people like presenters, analysts who help you understand what is going on and give you detail about the game. Media within football has a great impact on rule changes within the game. These rules help to improve the game or make it more interesting and exciting for the media. In addition to, if we make a group of positive and negative sides of the Internet on sport, especially on football we can show positive features as the following: educating – allows you to see basics and learn some rules regarding football; helps to generate money through sponsorship. Also, one of the main part of the Internet – social media namely, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. enables people to be aware of latest news about their favorite teams or players. However, as mentioned above, we should consider negative sides of the Internet on football too. Therefore, it decreases participation by taking people away from physical activity and distracts them from getting involved in anything that is active.

Taking the role of press into consideration, it can be agreed that press influences sport a lot. Therefore, the press tends to have an influence on how people view football and footballers due to sensationalizing. The sensationalism makes certain situations sound worse than they really are, and the media will create lies about personal lives of people or the problems they may have. The results of these lies can be very bad for many because it can cause their career to be ruined. As an example of sensationalism, it can be shown the false conflict news about three football players of Galatasaray Football Club. Therefore, this news claimed that there was a sharp conflict after the match between Galatasaray and Istanbul Buyukshehir Belediyyespor among Milan Baros, Culio Emannuel and Juan Pablo Pino. However, considering players’ words about this conflict, it can be clarified that there was no conflict, in fact, and the footballers were just angry because of defeat. While Milan Baros was interviewing, he said that “We did not have any problem during or after the match, I was just upset because of defeat. I did not say anything to Pino or Culio. They just tried to calm down me, but there was no conflict among us. All this news is just fiction made by the media for the sake of news and this biased news hurt me a lot”.


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