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Medical assistants work alongside physicians mainly doing administrative duties and clinical duties such as answering telephone, welcoming patients, updating and filling patient medical records, taking vital signs, scheduling, preparing exam rooms, drawing blood, taking EKG’s and performing basic laboratory test amongst other job related duties.

 Medical assistant certifications vary by state but one of the most recognized certification is the CMA through (AAMA) is a credential the Medical Assistant has achieved certification through the certifying board been educated and tested in a wide scope of general, clinical, and administrative responsibilities as outlined. The RMA credential through (AMI) registers you as a medical assistant. NCMA credential offered through the National HealthCare Association. Also Medical Assistants who work for specialties may choose to become certified through PMAC or COA. The AAMA offers continuing education CEUs to all Medical Assistants. You may earn all of your CEUs from the AAMA if you do you will be able to recertify online or by phone. You may also choose to earn at least 30 CEUs and the rest of the recertification points from other sources. If any of your CEUs are from a non- AAMA source you bay recertify online or by mail in application. I don’t think I chose Medical Assistant field instead I think this field chose me. It never crossed my mind that I would be going to school to become a Medical Assistant. 

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I was actually in Living Arts Institute in the Massage Therapy program when a instructor who I love and respect pulled me to the side and didn’t hesitate to tell me how she felt so strongly about me switching to the Medical side , it was something she saw in me, through me , my grades, the way I spoke about the medical classes , overall she saw something that I couldn’t see at the time because God can use anything, anybody rocks even to speak in this case he used my instructor. But from the moment I got to blood draw , the way I held the needle , the way the students that volunteered to get there blood drawn would say that “I did so good” “ they didn’t feel the pinch” and a few other comments , even a situation I had with one of my instructors who ultimately was trying to bring out the best in me in this particular situation she brought out the best in me , for this reason and many others but mainly that time I drew blood for the first time I knew I loved this , I knew the instructor who was the messenger God used to speak to me , and a few other instructors that said to me they felt the same way about me, I knew this was no mistake and I am suppose to be here.

 See God sees our past , present and future he is in control of all of it and sometimes we are limited to what we can understand but there was no mistake in my instructor , I knew it that moment and I know it now kore then ever. I am happy I made the decision to switch over and I am excited for what’s to come for me as a Medical Assistant. 

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