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My Desire to Learn Medical Biotechnology

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Medical biotechnology has become an integral part of the economy because this industry has rapidly doubled in size within recent years. I am eager to gain an insight into key technical, business and societal issues which impact the developments in the biotechnological industries such as drug development aiming to improve the quality of health care. This course will support me to contribute to these scientific advancements. It provides up to date information empowering the latest diagnostic technology which will support my career progression because I will acquire the relevant understanding to promote innovations in this field.

Antibiotic resistance is a great threat to our society as it is believed that in 2050, 10 million people per year will die as a result of this. My dissertation investigated the antimicrobial properties of Manuka Honey and its active ingredient, methylglyoxal, on skin flora. This practical experience demonstrates that I have the ability to independently manage my own project work as well as troubleshoot any issues that occurred. It will support me during this course because I will be able utilize my analytical thinking skills

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This programme consists of modules which intrigue me as there are many which will further my knowledge into medical biotechnology. Medical Diagnostics interests me as it will provide an insight into the role of biotechnology within clinical and commercial settings. Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation will ensure that I understand the essential stages necessary to establish a bioscience business incorporating legislations ethics and financial implications correctly.

During this course, I will have to remain motivated to ensure that all work is completed to a high standard. Whilst working at Coventry College, I have gained a Level 3 Certificate in Education and Training and am currently completing the Diploma in Education and Training while working full time. This shows that I am able to manage my time as well as priorities tasks. This experience will assist me because I am aware of the high demands of the course.

Teaching on the BTEC medical science level 3 programme at Coventry College has enable me to remain up to date with the latest scientific discoveries such as I have to ensure that students have accurate information prior to pursuing their undergraduate degrees. However, this programme will ensure that I understand the latest discoveries at an appropriate level.

This qualification will support my career progression by enhance my academic skill set as well as providing opportunities for networking, allowing me to discover insight in biotechnology companies. My goal is to ensure that I am happy and comfortable in the career I pursue, this MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Business Management will support me to achieved this dream.


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