Medical Care Framework: Lewin's Change Theory in Nursing

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Table of Contents

  • Difficulties of Transformation of Complex Systems
  • Company Description
  • Company's Culture
  • Dominating Leadership Style for the Organization
  • Collins' Framework and the Organizational System
  • Company's Readiness for Change
  • Conclusion

Each company must have a shared objective, solid administration, and an engaged strategic all individuals from the company are progressing in the direction of. To have an impact and be regarded, a company must have a sound structure and be very much run. This paper will examine the way of life of Apollo Hospital and its crucial administration style, just as look at its degree of enormity utilizing Collins' model for cutting edge organizational analysis.

Difficulties of Transformation of Complex Systems

Medical Care frameworks are company’s and, as different company’s in the 21st century, they are alive. They are their substance; made up of various parts yet at the same time particularly their own (Wheatley 1993). Since they are free and living frameworks, change is inescapable. Every living thing changes and companies are no exemption (Wheatley 1993). In light of the steady changes inside company’s and the many moving pieces of these intricate frameworks, the conduct is frequently unusual and abrupt (Plsek and Greenhaugh 2001). Organizational frameworks are not unsurprising because there are such huge numbers of effects on them—both from inside the company and outside of the company. This makes it hard to control change since it is frequently natural and occurs without aim. These variables all add to making changes inside Medical Care frameworks troublesome.

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Company Description

Apollo Medical Care is a clinic framework with three significant emergency clinics just as numerous essential care workplaces. The statement of purpose of Apollo is, 'Recuperating all individuals with empathy, confidence, and greatness' (Apollo). As the main private, not-revenue driven medical clinic in the zone, Apollo is extremely engaged with beneficent giving, network support, and giving the most ideal care to their patients. They esteem the network that they are a piece of and work to better it through leading Community Health Needs Assessments and attempting to address those requirements through an execution plan. As expressed, Apollo is an enormous medical clinic framework with more than 90 outpatient offices, 3 emergency clinics, and over 5,800 workers. They are a confided in the framework in their general vicinity of impact. Apollo has an unmistakable vision and statement of purpose, and its statement of purpose is obvious all through their company. They are not simply words; Apollo conveys on their guarantee to mend through empathy, confidence, and greatness. They treat their representatives well, and their workers, thusly, treat their patients well. They are profoundly regarded as both a Medical Care supplier and a business all through the network.

Company's Culture

Edgar Schein characterizes culture as what the gathering has realized in general as it has adjusted and developed and how the gathering has clarified these exercises and their significance to other people (Schein 2010). Apollo has an inviting society condition; individuals who have been there for quite a long time are regularly inviting and ready to impart their insight to individuals who are new to the company. Customs and desires that the company holds as significant remember an intelligent supplication and perusing for the night, just as conveying predictable and brilliant care with an accentuation on empathy to all patients. These are two extremely articulated and significant components that are clear to anybody going to Apollo. Apollo additionally holds to a culture of security, or what they allude to as 'simply culture.' Instead of reprimanding a person for a 'close to miss,' Apollo considers close to passes upon important learning chances and there are numerous individuals who work inside the company to make sense of how the framework fizzled. This simply culture prompts more noteworthy worker obligation and company and fewer mistakes (Khatri, Brown and Hicks 2009). Wellbeing society can likewise influence a worker's duty to a business and company (Sammer, et, al., 2010). Apollo's representatives are focused on their employments due to this simply culture. They cooperate well and adjust well to changes inside the framework. At the point when another outlining framework was executed around five months back, the workers moved toward the change with a receptive outlook and helped each other through the change. The way of life for learning inside Apollo is extremely useful. As Dr. Edwards Deming underscores, Apollo supports kept learning by paying for required training classes, they assist understudies with prevailing by empowering understudies from various schools to include clinical revolutions inside the emergency clinic, and they energize duty through the simply culture and through standard gatherings with supervisors to empower further obligation (Deming 1986).

Dominating Leadership Style for the Organization

Apollo fundamentally uses a participative authority style, as confirmed by their accentuation on worker inclusion and shared administration in carrying change to the units and emergency clinic all in all. During times of nursing deficiency, numerous companies understand the significance of shared administration with the goal that medical attendants have more command over their training and are not as reliant on the choices of administrators who are not straightforwardly engaged with tolerant care (Herrin 2004). There is a solid connection between independence practically speaking and the accentuation that an company puts on its common administration (Porter, 2004). Albeit some authority originates from a pecking order, Apollo puts a great part of the initiative accentuation on the bleeding edge laborers who are thinking about patients.

Collins' Framework and the Organizational System

Collins takes note of a 'Level 5 Hierarchy' in his structure, with the level 5 official being the encapsulation of an incredible pioneer: showing the quality of character and will however holding lowliness of character. The authority at Apollo is either a level four or five. Level four pioneers are viable pioneers who have a solid vision and urge others to pursue that vision also (Collins 2001). This appears to be engaging of the authority at Apollo because the vision is exceptionally clear inside the company and the pioneers have genuinely ingrained their vision for the company into their workers. Level five pioneers are positively uncommon and it appears to be hard to accomplish level five of the administration chain of command.

Apollo works superbly as a company of confronting the 'severe actualities' and 'participating in discourse and discussion, not pressure' (Collins 2001). While Apollo sets an example for greatness and takes a stab at greatness in all things, when there are budgetary issues, shortages on help, or other unforeseen issues, they are tended to expeditiously. Gatherings are held, meetings to generate new ideas on sparing assets are empowered and manage hindrances legitimately as opposed to pausing.

Apollo applies the Hedgehog idea concentrating on what the company can do best. They join their enthusiasm for greatness and religious care with attention to being the best at humane care. Rather than concentrating on the most exceptional medical procedures or very high-hazard circumstances, Apollo centers around understanding focused care. They give both essential care and intense care however keep away from amazingly high-hazard circumstances, (for example, high-chance pregnancies and extreme paediatric medical procedures).

Apollo has a culture of order and has prepared its representatives to act naturally restrained. Collins takes note of that a thorough culture is one of control; if the opportune individuals are engaged with the company or are 'on the transport' at that point they won't need to stress over a thorough culture since they are great representatives and can put their emphasis on their work. Having a thorough culture, or one of order includes disapproving of chances that may emerge so the company can flourish by concentrating on what it is best at (Collins 2001). Apollo is to some degree an ale in the zone of innovation. The company isn't a long way behind in innovation; be that as it may, Apollo will, in general, be progressively preservationist in the utilization of innovation. As of late Apollo moved totally to electronic diagramming, yet this was long after different company’s inside the network had moved to finish modernized outlining. This move was done after a lot of thought.

The 'Flywheel Concept' is pertinent to Apollo. Through little, steady changes and enhancements all through the company, Apollo develops and improves. One case of this is something that they do call 'Friday Facts.' These Friday Facts are messaged to all representatives each Friday and pose inquiries about progress and patient wellbeing. They notice a few little questions or thoughts that can be executed to improve persistent wellbeing or solace. As opposed to expecting emotional outcomes immediately, they gradually expand on one another to improve the company (Collins 2001).

Company's Readiness for Change

As per Lewin's Theory of Planned Change, Apollo is exceptionally prepared for change. Medical caretaker Managers at Apollo are continually assessing for the requirement for change and helping other people see the necessities also, which is a piece of the Unfreezing stage (Shirey 2013). The subsequent stages toward change would include making an itemized arrangement for individuals to pursue so individuals from the group would recognize what precisely to change and how to actualize the changes (Shirey 2013). As a Nurse Practitioner, I will have the option to empower status for change by driving through the model. Individuals are frequently searching for how others respond to change to decide if to acknowledge change themselves, and I will have the option to be a pioneer in adjusting to new thoughts and changes inside my company.


Medical Care frameworks are living, moving elements and change naturally. Here and there it is hard to control change inside Medical Care frameworks since they are comprised of such huge numbers of moving parts. As an unmistakable Medical Care framework inside the network, Apollo is focused on its crucial mending all through empathy, confidence, and greatness. As they do that strategic, centers around a simple culture towards workers, a solid learning condition, and shared administration to realize improvement. They depend emphatically on their representatives to clutch the vision of the company and stay open to change. These attributes make Apollo an extraordinary company.

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