Medicare: Why Should Vaccines Be Mandatory


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The vaccination debate is nonsense. There should not be a debate over vaccinations because there should be a law that states that you have to get yourself and your kid(s) vaccinated, no questions asked. The debate is over whether it should be mandatory or not to get vacainted. Plenty of people in the world agree that vaccinations should be mandatory, while others agree that they should have a choice to choose whether or not they get vaccinated because they think vaccinations can make you sick or even lead to autism; this has been unproven but parents still think it is true. Vaccinations prep your body, especially your immune system, to recognize infections and potential diseases that may threaten your life. From a biological perspective, vaccinations are a prime example of mankind’s capacity to understand everyone and the world around them. The biologically information we learn about ourselves and the world around us, can be used to benefit the lives of humans; this information allows researchers and doctors to influence antibodies to help aid against infections and other diseases that may arise. Vaccinations are a positive creation in life and it should be mandatory for everyone to get vaccinated because vaccines can save lives, they are safe and they will help protect others around you. So Why should vaccines be mandatory?

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Vaccinations can save lives because vaccine-preventable diseases have not gone away. Vaccines can save lives; they have the power to protect humans against diseases and infections. Medicine has become so far advanced that today, in the twenty first century, humans are able to be protected from the majority of diseases that were once feared, such as polio. Vaccine-preventable diseases have not fallen off the face of the earth, the diseases could possibly still be out there, they are just not heard of as often because vaccinations have been able to keep people from getting them. As a parent, I think you should definitely vaccinate your children because you do not want your kid(s) to catch a disease that they could potentially die from. Parents need to be responsible and take care of their kids; babies do not have the ability to choose whether or not they receive a vaccination, you as the parent need to vaccinate your child to keep them safe from diseases or infections. The reason why diseases are not heard of as often are because of vaccinations. Throughout time, bacteria or a virus will not have “eligible hosts to establish a foothold and will eventually die out entirely. However, if less and less people are getting vaccinated, then the disease could arise again.  Vaccinations are important, they can save lives because vaccine-preventable diseases have not gone away

There are plenty of people in the world who are against vaccinations. Some of these reasons are due to people thinking vaccines are not safe, religious reasons, but one of the more popular reasons of why parents are not vaccinating their kids is due to the fact that people think vaccinations lead to autism. Why do people think this? Maybe due to the fact that “autism is often diagnosed at the ages when many vaccinations are administered” . However, “Time and again, article after article has shown that there is indeed no significant link between vaccine administration and the incidence of autism” . According to a Danish study on autism and its link with vaccinations, the study found that there was “no support for the hypothesis of increased risk for autism after MMR vaccination in a nationwide unselected population of Danish children”. The results of the survey, based on Danish children, did not support the link between the MMR vaccination leading to autism. Vaccinations are studied by researchers that focus on “ the principles of research integrity, academic freedom, informed consent, and patient safety” . Vaccinations are there to help keep you safe, not be unsafe. Vaccinations are safe because vaccinations are thought out by bioethics. Bioethics deals with the ethics of reachsearch dealing with medicine and biology. Bioethics ensure vaccinations are ethically safe. Although bioethics ensure the safety of vaccinations, parents are still hesitant over vaccinating their kids. To ensure parents that vaccinations are good and not bad, we need to educate them and their children. We need to “teach future generations how to think critically about the information in front of them”. People nowadays believe anything they hear or read on the internet; if we are able to educate the younger generation to “draw their conclusions in a logical fashion”; we will be able to ensure that vaccinations are safe. We need to teach people about vaccinations and how they are only there to help your body, not hurt it. We need to show people that vaccinations are not related to autism and how their role is to prepare your body to fight off any disease or infections that may become deadly. Vaccinations are safe and if they werent, why would they be out to the public.

There are many people in the world and not everyone in the world will be capable of getting vaccinated. There are many reasons for this such as, not living in the country where vaccinations are available, you are allergic to the vaccine itself, you are too young, you are pregnant or your body is not internally strong enough to receive the vaccine. There are definitely people in the world who are allergic to vaccinations and they have no control over it. Immunizations protect others who are unable to receive a vaccine. The people who are unable to receive a vaccination rely on the people who are able to get vaccinated to protect them from diseases such as measles or polio. Babies that are too young to receive a vaccine are vulnerable until they become of age to receive the vaccine. The vaccine for Hepatitis B is given to babies who are between the ages of 6 and 18 months of age. Any time before that timeline, babies are vulnerable to Hepatitis B which can be deadly. We need to protect the babies from any potential diseases or infections until they are of age to receive a vaccination. The vaccine for measles is not given to anyone with a weakened immune system. Anyone who is going through chemotherapy are potentially unable to receive the measles vaccine because their immune system is not strong enough . When you are vaccinated, you are potentially saving the lives of others who are unable to get vaccinated. They rely on you to keep them healthy, it is like you are in charge of their health. Vaccines should be mandatory to protect your loved ones and everyone else around you.

Vaccines are one of mankind’s most complex creations. Vaccinations have the ability to prepare your body’s immune system to fight off any diseases or infections that may be coming your way. Mandatory vaccinations will aid in keeping people safe and will keep the control of diseases, such as polio, from arising and becoming a major threat again . There are many people in the world that are against vaccinations and think they are unsafe, but it is proven that vaccinations do not cause harm to you. Vaccinations were created to benefit humans and protect us from biological harm. I think it should be mandatory for everyone to receive vaccinations because vaccinations can save lives, they are safe and they will help protect others around you. At the end of the day all that matters is that you are vaccinated for your own protection. It is your own body and immune system who will do the protection, the vaccine just helps your body out. 

The only difference between those who get vaccinated and those who refuse a vaccination, is that those who are vaccinated have well-prepared and well-equipped immune systems that are ready, at any moment, to fight off any foreign disease and infection that may have entered body.  

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