The Issue with Memes Overpopulation in Our World

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Memes are overpopulating and it is a problem, while memes are growing in numbers it takes over the internet. Memes are all over the internet, in fact memes are on facebook, tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, they are everywhere! Since memes are overpopulating we need to be aware of what memes are being shared. There are dead memes, stale memes, and new memes. We need to get rid of Dead Memes.It all started with the big hit, “Who Let The Dogs Out,” and memes have grown in numbers ever since. These are dead memes and they are still being used to this day. The pop tart cat, “Nyan Cat” is an example of a dead meme.

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Critics say Dead Memes being used today and they are annoying, useless, and not funny anymore so people need to stop. The meme “Do You Know The Wae,” is a dead meme but people are still using it in schools. To put it simply, memes that are dead should not be used as the term “dead” describes them. To call a meme dead, it means that that meme is old or has lost its popularity. If a meme is stale then that means that the meme is losing its popularity. But the real problem isn’t just the stale and dead memes, it is the mass production of memes. Memes are entertaining but not original. Memes like these are so bad and so useless that no one knows why these people make the memes.Memes are a problem because they take away time from people and they are useless except for the 2 seconds of entertainment.

If you were to spend your time on memes all day, you are going nowhere. Instead you could be learning how to code, or building something useful for other people. Memes take away valuable time away from people. If the memes were to stop producing so much stuff then there wouldn’t be this problem in the first place. If only there was a way to stop the overproduction of memes, then we will be truly saved.What is something that YOU can do to stop the overpopulation of memes? You can spread awareness and tell people to stop the overproduction of memes. If your name is Thanos then you can snap your fingers in a metal glove to make all the memes seize to exist. If your name is Light Yagami then you can write the names of the memes being made and get rid of them in your Death Note. If your name is the same name of the person reading this right now, you can tell people to stop making memes. You can use the hashtag #StopMemesFromOverpopulating on Instagram or a Social Media. You can help society get rid of the Overpopulated memes. You can be the solution.

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