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Memority - the Best Cloud Storage of Data

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In the age of digital technology, any IT company wants to make money on its product. Some developers pass the line of morality and decency, stealing our personal data. They do this in order to gather a huge database of information and sell it to large companies and corporations. We may not even notice how they became their victim, bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to developers. They well disguise their applications in social networks, on websites, hundreds of online stores. They track our actions: clicks, search engine searches, likes, reposts, etc. But often, people voluntarily give out information about themselves. When you post a photo with geolocation or mark your interests, fill out forms on the web – you voluntarily tell a lot about yourself, although at first glance this may seem quite normal. In the end, we get a lot of commercial offers by mail, calls to the phone or messenger. One of my friends began to call even in a social network! Personally, I’m very annoyed.

Since I started dealing with crypto currency, I decided to spend more time on security and privacy. I revised my personal policy with respect to passwords, phrases, private keys. I store them not online, but on paper and an external drive, separately. Also, you should not use cloud-based centralized servers, I prefer a decentralized block-platform. Today I will introduce you to this, it is called MEMORITY.

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This site is used for the secure decentralized storage of personal data of individuals, small and medium businesses, large companies and corporations. Reliability is provided by creating ten copies of each of your files, the identity of which is constantly confirmed. If the system finds a discrepancy between the original files, it will automatically create and save them on other nodes.

To use products and services, you must have MMR tokens, with their help in this ecosystem, all operations are performed. The owner of more than 10,000 tokens can become a miner by filling out an application for participation on the site and thereby creating an additional source of income. Participation is confirmed through the Proof of Authority.

Everyone who has a regular laptop or a computer with free memory can become a host and get platform tokens as a reward. This allows you to increase the number of independent storage locations and gives it self-sufficiency. Payment will be made through smart contracts, which excludes many intermediaries and practically guarantees fulfillment of the duties of both parties to perform the work.

Memority gives a good incentive for the development of programmers, they can develop various decentralized services for data storage, receiving 5% of the payment for using the platform by other users, through their applications. Such an ecosystem will diversify and increase the flow of new hosts and users.

This project is very serious about the work and has already released an alpha version of the product. At the moment there is an open sale of project coins, the number of which is limited and compared to similar platforms, Memority has a number of significant advantages that you can compare in this picture.

Today, people often face problems storing important information. Memority implements a secure environment for storing the data of many people. If you store passwords on paper or an external drive, you are at risk of losing or corrupting such important information. Softcap is already practically assembled, there is a complete guide to how to store files and how the process of renting the free space of your PC is going on. I think that the idea is quite fresh and will benefit people, so I advise everyone to take part!


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