Menstruations: a Matter of Shame?

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Let’s start with the obvious: Women do astounding things all over the world. As we know along with glory comes shame, more particularly around menstruations. Every month, the blood flows out from the inner lining of her uterus passing through her vagina and this entire phase of bleeding is termed as menstruation, also known as periods. Menstruation is as essential and natural as breathing but still most of us loath talking about it. People never consider that their wouldn’t have been the existence of human race without the existence of periods. In fact, menstruation is a gross woman thing; she can bleed for a week without dying; despite pain and cramping, she hides it away and professes like it doesn’t even exist. When it comes to periods, women around the globe are taught to be and made silent. The natural sanitizing of women bodies, becomes the matter of shame when exposed obliviously.

When we talk about menstruations in quietens tones or avoids talking about them utterly, we our self send the message that periods should be kept a secret; it should not be spoken out, most particularly in public. We act words like “period” and “menstruation” is shameful, we implicit that the thing these words are referring to is shameful which absolutely shouldn’t be. Periods are a healthy natural and biological process that every woman has to undergo (usually woman under the age of 45 to 55) once in a month. Yes I do agree, it is not essential to call out about your periods to everyone but you also require knowing that periods are not something a girl needs to hide or be ashamed of. Periods are no more a secret, they are just private. It is evident that our comfort level may differ from one another. As much as I feel free talking about periods, may you not be and that’s totally fine. But do remember that “shameful” and “uncomfortable” are two different words that imply divergent meanings. Okay! Let’s all of us imagine for an instance, what would actually happen if magically men could menstruate and women couldn’t? How the entire scenario referring to menstruation would be? How would people regard menstruation as? The answer is clear; menstruation would no more be shameful. It would become something boast¬-worthy, something every man would be bestowed with honor. Yeah! It is bitter but we have got to swallow the truth. It’s a dejected feeling to see woman being concerned inferior to man. However, the world is changing with time and so are the thoughts of people. Ladies! You yourself should be aware that, the more you hide, the more you suffer. So when you enunciate the world “PERIODS”, do not mumble. Ask a woman whether or not she needs a sanitary napkin or a fresh change of clothes, do not tactfully offer her. Tell her she has blood stains on her clothes; do not help her hide it. Only a lame minded would regard something as pure as periods a matter of shame. No blood should ever hold us back.

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