Mental Abuse with Today's Generation and Generation Gap

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Raising Awareness
  • What is Mental Abuse?
  • The Gap
  • Conclusion


Apart from the physical damages, our generation is badly being a victim to mental abuse. The article focuses on the damages and the gap between the adults and children of the era.

The Raising Awareness

In today's era, the subject of child abuse is being condemned worldwide. The issues of child labor, young street beggars, sexual attempts on children (both girls and boys), harassment, kidnapping are heavily addressed and measures are taken to control them. These issues were existing from the past centuries too, but they were not addressed like the way they are being today. The major reason behind it was lack of awareness but because today our society has become more vibrant and aware, that measures are taking over this issue. But there is still something which we lack at discussing and do not pay heed.

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What is Mental Abuse?

Apart from domestic violence, our children are also being a victim of mental abuse. This abjection among children causes their young minds to loose their confidence and face a large number of psychological problems. Mental abuse includes to torture a child on his/her grades, convict the child for small mistakes, speak to them loudly, blame them for problems, blaming them on the domestic problems, to make them feel inferior, over protective, not listening to them, criticizing them for whatever they do or say and etc. The parents of our society has distanced their children from them through their behaviors.

On one side, they support their children for doing something and on the other hand, they point them out for doing so. This causes the child to get confused on the things he is doing. Parents often draw a bridge between them and their children by having sudden shifts in their moods and behaviors. It may be due to the pressures they are facing in their affairs including domestic misunderstandings, financial crises or health issues which causes them severe mood swings and in a way or another, their children becomes their target to hit upon.

The Gap

Parents do not realize the gap they are creating with their children and then a point comes where children stop sharing stuff, discussing things, telling their problems and to the extreme extent disobey the verdict of their parents and go against them. They may fall into unfair habits including lieing, finding peace away from home, finding an escape route, trusting others (friends or closed ones), stop sharing problems and start taking drugs.

The shift of behaviors may lead to worst outcomes. Talking about mental abuse is considered as calling someone mentally unfit or mentally sick, but it is actually that clause of a person's life where they require a complete set of confidence, guidance and attention.


Today, we blame the youngsters easily for the actions they do, but no story carries one side of course. We need to understand the closed clauses and the reason behind all the happening. Not every child is bad, not every time adults are right. We're drifting our own generation towards a dark decline. There's a real need to rethink about the worst decline we're moving to. Steps are needes to be take in order to stop the psychological pressures on children and to understand the problems of their lives.

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