Mental Illness is a Social Problem of Modernity

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Being mentally ill makes it hard for anyone to be stable. Your mental stability is important. Recognizing when you are depressed allows you to get the help you need faster. It’s not always a bad thing to be depressed because we as humans need to grow. I find that pain and experiencing disconnection from the world allow us that time to think and grow. Although mental illness affects you mentally, physically, and emotionally and leaves you feeling detached from others it also gives you time to learn to protect and heal properly. Mental illness is a social problem of modernity.

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From a mental standpoint, some people tend to feel dissociated from the world. For example, anytime someone would prefer to be in a dark setting away from everyone they are experiencing depression. Locked in the blackness of the prison [mental state of mind]; felt the presence of evil spirits[bad/evil thoughts](the darkroom). Being alone physically makes a person think bad things. Although some people rather be alone mentally but still have others present. Not to mention there are also times when humans don't want to connect with anyone at all and would rather be isolated but don't want to be alone. Despite any effort, “students still experience negative feelings which lead them to disconnect from the course content (othering in online learning. When you choose to skip a party with friends and sleep your life away you are experiencing depression. Of course, it is difficult to be around others when you are living in an emotional state so many people stop daily activities separating themselves from everyone else. Online courses have been plagued with high dropout rates which have been attributed to feelings of isolation and disconnection among people'(othering in online learning). You have to learn to balance the two. Continue with your daily activity but give yourself moments to breathe. Being disconnected can lead to a very negative lifestyle, damaging you and leaving you with scars that will never heal.

Physical changes are bound to happen when you are under stress. When it comes down to eating it gets very unhealthy because you are so focused on your pain. “Manic episodes happen when a patient experiences unusual and consistent elevate or agitated mood, causing them to sleep/eat a lot or not at all” (Depression). Losing or gaining too much weight is dangerous and can lead to being hospitalized. For example, as generations pass you will find that your parents struggle with some of the same mental illnesses you suffer from causing those genes to be passed down. “38.7 of patients reported that while growing up during the first eighteen years of life their parent(s) suffered from mental illness”(Parental mental illness). Being that your family members have gone through the same things and may currently still be going through them they may not be able to give you the proper help you require. Being mentally ill will make you take all your anger out on others resulting in causing someone to die. “Most people with mental illness are more likely to be victims of violent acts as well as to commit them” (Mental illness). In some cases, people become a danger to themselves and also others. Before you get to the point where your body is suffering from what you are going through in your mind get help as soon as possible. Mental illness is a social problem of modernity now.

Mood changes are the worst and people with depression are very frequent. Going out in public may be the most difficult thing to do, especially with a lot of people around. “ Interventions addressing loneliness among individuals being alone may be particularly important for the mental well-being of this vulnerable population” (Relationship between living alone). It's a good thing to be alone so you can heal in peace but also have at least one person around so you don't harm yourself. When you are alone you are doing nothing to stop thinking meaning your mind is constantly overthinking. Once your mind is unstable your focus level drops leaving you trapped with nothing but thoughts. After so many public breakdowns some people just decide they shouldn't go out at all. Usually, people like this already have bipolar disorder.  Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder that causes abnormal changes in one mood, energy, and functional ability. Everything will show if you are going through something that takes time to heal from. You will have frequent breakdowns having any type of depression to help with this your doctor may prescribe you medication or refer you to a counselor.

On the other hand, many mentally ill people feel like nothing is wrong.  When you are around depressed people they want you to be just as sad as them. “ If someone is generally more emotional their romantic partner thinks they are less likely to hide emotions” (Emotions). Before you know it they are questioning your loyalty and making you recreate yourself. You have to know you are not the problem and they need medical help. Being in depression you are put under a lot of pressure whether it's fitting in or trying to hold all your emotion in while in the presence of peers. Fitting in is a lot of pressure alone because it can be hard to tell whether and how much your peers like you or approve of you, social life may feel like a minefield. People feel like they have to have friends. It is impossible to be alone so they are often under pressure to keep up with others so they are not left behind. If something very unexpected and traumatizing happens to your partner and they are still happy later you may find they hid a lot of emotions very well and are way more heartbroken than what is presented.“If someone frequently expresses positive emotions such as happiness, their romantic partner thinks they are using reappraisal more than they do. No one is happy all the time we are all human and all have very bad days. It is okay to be alone don't be afraid of what people will say or do. Just focus and be the best person that you can be.

In conclusion, your stability is not something you should take lightly and push to the side. Your physical, emotional, and mental state is what defines our character and who we are. Whether we are happy or sad will show based on the things we are feeling or going through. We as humans need to be able to connect with the world because being isolated will eventually drive anyone insane. The way you sleep or eat depends on the mood you are in. Being depressed you will either oversleep/eat or not sleep/eat at all. If you are not feeling like yourself seek the right help that will have you feeling back to yourself in no time.  

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