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Have you ever glanced around and wonder what makes individuals, individuals? Why do they act the way they do? Identity has always been something that has been engraved into every individual. A person’s identity alludes to the unique and preserving examples of contemplation , feelings, and behaviours that describe each individual’s adjustment to the circumstances that has happened to his or her life. It makes us stand out and separates us from one another. Sometimes we are not always allowed to express our identity, instead we are taught to suppress them; and we are forced to put up a persona that can reach the standards of others. This mask we as individuals wear in public in order to impose a certain image to others gradually crumble our own image. As in each other Shakespeare plays the men are ordinarily observed as better than the women; however as opposed to utilizing the nonexclusive methods for showing the idea of patriarchy such as, women being manhandled by men, jobless or just observed as just the kid bearer, Shakespeare authored an increasingly special method for exhibiting the idea of patriarchy in Merchant To Venice. He introduced patriarchy through the characters portia and jessica whose lives were both constrained by the will of their dads. Throughout Merchant To Venice, William Shakespeare develops the idea that when individuals facing adversities of an oppressive society molds their identity in a way that makes their character grow and bend the situation to their favor.

In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, the scene opens to uncover a general public constrained by men. Men, who live in the forefront of Venetian culture, use their capacity in business, government, and family life. Out of sight, ladies lead their lives discreetly. They are subservient to their spouses and fathers and are viewed as defenseless and needing male direction in territories of basic leadership. In spite of the fact that in Shakespeare’s time such a cultural structure was to a great extent adequate, the advanced peruser sees the oppression of ladies with repugnance, and the manners by which Shakespeare exhibits the female characters in this play maybe demonstrate that he excessively was not so much comfortable with the unbalance scale of power between men and women. The job that women play within numerous Shakespearian plays frequently features their steadiness, strength, and knowledge. This perhaps indicates the playwright’s understanding that women should be on equal ground with men. Be that as it may, the conclusion of his works lead to the powerful, independent woman settling back into society with her husband. Inside the play The Merchant of Venice, the female characters accomplish stunning deeds to ‘tidy up’ the messes that their spouses had made and accomplish their very own objectives, only to return to their subordinate positions as wives. Portia, Nerissa and Jessica’s presumption of the male structure to move unnoticed among Belmont and Venice permitted them a look into the world of feministic ideals. In later scenes, when Portia and Nerissa push the limits of their disguise, they specifically emphasize the idea of radical feminism. The changing of Portia, Nerissa, and Jessica’s gender to suit the general public of Venice is a direct spat on the face of the patriarchy within the environment of The Merchant of Venice. Unfortunately, the larger standards of the world right now can recover their stranglehold on Jessica, Portia, and Nerissa.

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