Mento Link Project Overview and the Possible Solutions to Struggles It Suffers


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Metro link project is the transportation project planned by Irish government to connect north from south by the means of urban railway service. This service will run along the very busy street corridor between Swords and Sandyford. It will be 26 km long route and it will connect very main destination of Dublin like Dublin airport and City centre. It is planned to be mostly underground in its route. This project is targeted to complete in 2027 and it will have total of 25 station including 15 new station, 3000 additional Park and ride spaces. Its journey time is expected to be 50 minutes in total. This project total cost is estimated to be 3 billion euro. On successful completion on this project it will greatly enhance public transport capacity and accessibility to the city centre and the surrounding corridor for commuters, business, retail, education, tourism and the overall sustainability of the city. There will be faster journey times with high frequency and high reliability by metro link between Swords, airport, city centre and towards Sandyford. There will be a more integrated and improved quality of interchanging of luaus, dart and Irish rail and bus transportation hubs across the city with more direct journeys opportunity. It will generate employment during construction and operation and will support economy as well. 1000 of people will get a new job and people see the next generation future on completion of this project.

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In this project our group will try to offer advice on developing the new Metro link system. We will try to consider some problems and outline it then we will try to figure out some solution that may help the project. And also we will discuss how the information system will help to alleviating the problems. We are two persons in the group and each will try to identify the problem from different perspective and then we unite to find the best solution we can give. For this project we had a lots of research from internet and tried to collect as much information as we can get from all the source. This project made the metro link project more personal to us and we become more curious on what is next and what will happen in coming future.

What is the main problem?

The main problem that seems to be more controversy is demolishing NA Fianna GAA club in Dublin. This club has a heart of people and GAA is the game only played and celebrated in Ireland with a lots of heart supporting and promoting it daily. On its demolishing other famous club is also uniting for the opposition as they all believed that this club holds something for them.

Despite this pollution, destruction and recycling is the top concern of problem. People will have a daily traffic problem and they day to day life will be highly effected on the start of this work.

What are the possible solution?

There are different solutions which is going on and is being changed with the period of time. One of the best solution we came up was to get a public consultation. Even in this we want to take the consultation more deeply as taking specific listening from each place and knowing what can be done to help and improve it. We might want to consider less property damage and find alternative to it by maybe providing some relief and proper housing option to all the people who lost their property in this work. First thing that came in our mind was about schools which might be highly effected with the noise and pollution so may be the work in this kind of place be conducted at night and not create any disturbance to them. The GAA club that has the heart of Dublin be consider and may be discussed with the better plan and solution.

Beside this there can be alternative solution on this as we came up with. If the current road is improved, we might not need a metro link that will effect a lot of existing property and money. If say there is very high tech roundabout in a congested junction the traffic flow will improve and it will help people travel to their place faster. There might be solution of expanding the bus lane and promote people to use less private car and improve rental scheme. For example, there is a GO car and many rentals in existence already which is not so convenient at the moment but if they can be improvised with the help of government it may be very helpful. Let’s say, if they are improving in the level of Dublin cycle where people don’t need to bother where to return the car. They can just travel to the one base to another in convenient way.


In India, when metro link was going to start as a project there was a huge controversy and people were on strike and angry at the government because of the loss of property and trouble they were facing. But despite the trouble that project was completed and the same people who got angry was very thankful to the metro service that helped them in day to day life. But it was a great work in India as it is vastly populated country and they need some big project to solve the problem. I don’t think Ireland is the same case as its still the small country with a small amount of people living on it. if planned properly this problem can have many alternative solution as many free land can be used with proper housing scheme and improved motorway to communicate from far place. Government can make a scheme to divide the populated city population in a different place where there is a free land and can be utilise properly to divide the population by planning a new and improvised city which will not be congested and people can have the same level of work from that place too.

Benefits of Dublin Metro link:

The first proposal for Dublin metro link was done in 2005. The main purpose for this metro link was to connect north and south At the moment there are two Luas link that run north and south separately but recently connected. The main disadvantage of Luas is it’s still not connected to Dublin airport. If we see mainly ion all Europe most of the country capital is connected to its main airport with metro link. The main advantage of upcoming Metro project will be directly benefit by all Irish people, and it might be proved as the next step to boost its economy.

Metro link is considered as one of the most ambitious project to complete. Likely, because the transportation medium goes hand to hand. This is the main reason that we stuck in traffic for long and need to wait buses for long time. To shorten the transportation time and help people to escape stress time quickly.

As per the survey the population of Dublin is growing exceptionally. Every year 20% of growth is being recorded. In order to make transportation smooth and reliable the Irish government must have to find the solution before it’s too late. So the upcoming Metro Link may be the solution that the Irish government need.

For the better growth of Dublin “Metro Link” might provide huge benefit to the public. Some of the important benefit are listed below.

It will drastically reduce the road traffic.

It will hugely shorten the travelling time.

There will be more combined and better quality of transactions with Luas, Dart.

It will increase public transport capacity accessibility.

It will create huge amount of employment opportunities.

It will help reduce the energy consumption.

It will provide new root to many urban areas which has not yet touched my any railway medium.

Improvement in internal and external travel connection.

Additionally, the projected cost for this project will be around $3 billion. Which is obviously a huge amount of money. So the cost benefit analysis will help predict the amount of money it’s going to take in near future. After the completion of this project all the population goanna hugely benefit and help commute around Dublin fast and easy.

As per the different argument, that the cost of the project will be exceptionally high but according to the Irish government that they are spending more than 350million every year just to build congestion in Dublin area. But what so however it does not provide the more needed solution for the traffic in Dublin. If we calculate the price in over 2033 the cost will be around 2 billion. So to build the metro link is not only important but will be smart move.

Likewise, yet metro link project is in surveying period and will start construction in 2022 and complete in 2027. As we all know that Irish economy is driven by these transportation medium. The motor way and all the national highway are the veins of the country. So this project will help connect the nerves system of Irish economy.

Overview and challenge of the metro link project:

This project is considered as huge challenge for Irish government to complete. The engineer has planned to build the actual root underground this obviously brings more challenges. Because of its huge price tag and not gives benefit to the all people around country it is considered less popular outside the Dublin. Most of the people wants to see the existing transportation medium to be more reliable and successful. The recent example might be the extension of luas red and green line.

As per its greater challenges the route goes through many houses, park and clubs. Moreover, people wants their property to be well paid by the government. And their many other project that might be as important as this project. For example, the underground way to connect Connolly train station to Houston train station.

The Metro link project is focused of an obsession that Dublin Airport must be served by a rail transport service. Why? The exceedingly proficient transport medium to Dublin Airport is bus service. But the bus services is not well fast as it needs to be. The government is not paying attention to develop its existing services. The existing luas services can possibly be extend and can give services as needed and it will not cost as the metro project.

I propose that we need a genuine argument on Dublin’s future – one that incorporates lodging densities and genuine urban restoration of summary zones, that thinks about moving the city’s port to Bremore and building another skyscraper city in the docklands north and south of the Liffey, one that truly gets to holds with the activity framework (counting a further orbital motorway to alleviate the M50), one that designs urban mass travel on a integrated basis.

There might be many discussions around building metro link services but the benefits ae also as high as it cost to reduce the existing traffic and built fast and easy commuting medium can change the lifestyle of people living around Dublin.

The technical aspects are so much vast that in order to finalise this project the government needs to make people aware about its benefit and help making this project around public.

To generate this huge sum of money for this project will be very difficult for the government so to fulfil it they can open share t public and can get loan from EU.

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