Mexican American Culture in My Family

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It seems that cultures are influenced by how you are developed as an adult. In my Mexican American culture, it seems that there are various strengths, courage, and hope passed on. Growing up in financial hardship was tough for me but I was able to prevail and work even harder. But I was able to observe how my parents had hopeful attitudes to have it better for there own kids and throughout that came to love, patience and kindness towards others.

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Our strong family has brought me unity, comfort and confidence knowing that I have their guidance and support towards anything I set my mind to. The mindsets my parents passed on to me are hope, love, kindness, respect, patience and the most significant one to me is being helpful. My culture and family has taught me that hard work pays off and to find the meaning in life to pursue your education and try to learn the most you can in school and strive to support those struggling. Life has given me practice opportunities to show my qualities and I have learned to be thankful for that. They have molded my character to be a good person, I try my best to adapt and apply them. My thought is to keep the principles and to keep them very close to me and have a positive attitude, to carry myself with all my might and bravery as I take life on.

What became the biggest thing in my life was the effect of good and bad choices. Due to this thought I realized that helping others is principal for all you do and helping one another is like counseling them to do better. When times get difficult for me I was always told to persevere and keep pushing forward no matter what. It has turned me to be strong and to be prepared for what life is going to throw at you. At times when my dad was Incarcerated by ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement) it was very tough reality knowing your life is in the hands of the government and that your life could turn in an instant and honestly my dad has had a major impact on my life for who I am today and continues to teach me the qualities of life and showing me different ways that I can improve and throughout everything to make me the best person I can be. I am very much thankful to have him in my life and continuing to have my father here in the United States to support our family.

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