Mexican Culture: How People Enjoy Life at Their Own Pace

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Mexico is filled with so much diversity and culture. Mexico’s culture is filled with uniqueness. Uniqueness such as their food and their style of life. As you can tell food is probably the most important element in the Mexican culture. There are many other elements that make up Mexico as it is. Who wouldn’t love Mexico? Because my love for Mexico is enormous and one of a kind. To begin with, Mexico is part of the lower Northern American continent. Mexico is so much more than the United States' neighbor to the south. It’s boarded by the United States.

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Mexico’s first language is Spanish that is then followed by many other native languages. There are over 31 states in Mexico. One of them being Oaxaca where my mom is from. In Oaxaca They speak a language called Mixtec. My mom grew up speaking that language and is now teaching me. I love how Mexico is filled with liberty in speaking whatever language you want. For example, in the United States a lot of racial issues have been revolving towards the choice of language. In Mexico though you have the choice of freedom and that’s why I love this country. The diversity in Mexico is outrages because many people speak different languages, look different and even practice different kind of rituals. You can travel to any state in Mexico and end up somewhere completely different from where you were.

The atmosphere can change such as the color, the people and the type of food they have. Nothing is the same, everything goes by how the people want it to go by. What I love most about Oaxaca is the type architecting system they have. There system is more native in where you do more manually work. I love that because you get the full experience in what you’re doing. In other states it could be more developed in where the technology is more advance. In addition to that, Oaxaca’s food is amazing. One of a kind I should say. Mexico is revolved around its delicious food. Mexicans posses a culinary culture with an amazing variety of dishes. Most of their dishes compose of hot peppers, beans, rice and tortillas. A special dish or snack called Elotes is a cooked corncob wrapped with mayonnaise and sprinkled with chili powder. That is one of my favorite snacks.

Mexicans tend to create special dishes for important occasions. For example, an occasion called “El Día de los Muertos” we tend to make a dish called Mole. My favorite! This dish is chicken dipped in a spicy sauce that will make you ask for more each time you finish. Mexico offers many places for someone to visit from beaches to historical places. Their beaches are some of the most gorgeous in the world. It is really breath taking once you see one. They’re are wide of a variety of things to do. Mexico is an incredibly rich destination that can wow any traveler over and over. The country includes jungles to desert to mountains to beaches to cities and small villages. Mexico is a country worth exploring. Mexico is filled with friendly people. Very hart warming and welcoming. I love how Mexicans are so positive regardless of the political issues going on. Although Mexico is not a perfect country they still manage to stick together and speak up for what is right.

Theirs is many things to be proud of this country. Such as the Mayan and Aztec culture still being represented in present day. The pace in a Mexicans life are rarely in a hurry. I love that about us Mexicans because we get to enjoy life at its own pace. We love to enjoy time with our family and friends. Family is important! We usually spend most of the days in get togethers or small parties. I love how outrages we are in having the most fun out of everything. We tend to express our self in many ways. Houses in Mexico are different. Some are made from wood and dirt and others out of pure cement. It all depends on your social status. Regardless of your statues, everyone still manages to find happiness. If you ever go to Mexico, you might wonder where all the cars are. Us Mexican tend to use buses or bicycles. Others love to walk because their destination is not so far.

Music is very different in Mexico. I love how Mexico is filled with different type of sounds and voices. The music of Mexico is very diverse and features a wide range of musical genres and performance styles. The one thing I have noted about my culture is that no matter how poor we may be, if you are a guest in our homes, we will treat you with the most respect. The Mexican people welcome strangers into their homes and even if they may not have enough for themselves, they have enough to give. Mexicans are durable, and they work hard to provide for their families because family is everything. It's hard to describe a country that deeply holds my heart. I love the United States and I am proud to be American, but I am also very proud to be Mexican.

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