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Dell nowadays becomes popular product among people. It was created by a young man from the America who was really interested in doing business. His name is Michael Dell. He was known as the founder and CEO of Dell Technologies. He is an American businessman, entrepreneur and author. He was born on February 23, 1965 and one of the worlds selling the personal computers (PCs) and he is the student of University of Texas at Austin.

On his early life, Michael comes from a poor family and he really interested to know into business then he applied for a High School Equivalent at Herod Elementary School in Houston, Texas at the age of 8. He did a part time job also to collect money to buy precious metal and stocks business. After 4 years he did a part time job, he got a job as a dishwasher at the age of 12. At the age of 15 after playing with computer at Radio Shack, he was curious on how the computer works, and then he bought his first computer an Apple II to disassemble how it worked. He worked part time as a marketing executive at the Houston Post and learnt about precious selling strategies when he still studied at Memorial High School. His parents wanted Michael to be a doctor but Dell was interested on computer and wanted to be a businessman since he was young and at the age of 19 Michael dropped out of the college on his first year because in order to focus on his fledgling business after he borrowed $1000 from his parents and he net worth to be approximately to $18 billion.

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During his studies at University of Texas at Austin, Michael created Dell Computer Corporation and did his business as PC’s Limited in 1984 and he produced his first computer and its own design the “Turbo PC” which contains an 8088 compatible processor running at a speed of 8MHZ and they advertised its systems in the national magazines and sold them directly to consumer and the company got a millions of dollars for the first time its operations.

In 1986, Michael appoints Lee Walker, a 51 year old as a President and COO, a Chief Operating Officer to help for growing the Dell Company. About 4 years Lee become the President and COO, he retired in the 1990 due to his health conditions and Dell hired another CEO and President of Electronic Data System, Morton Meyerson to make the company from a small-sized into a large billion of dollar enterprise.

The PC’s Limited incorporated as Dell Computer Corporation which began flourish globally in 1987 and they set up for its first international operations. As the company need the accomplish goals, Michael had teamwork with a group of marketing executives from Tandy Corporation, a maker of low-cost PC’s. In 1988, Dell opened his office at London and in New York with the worth they got about $4 million by selling the computer in one month.

In 1990, Dell Computer had planned tried to selling its products indirectly through computer superstores, but unfortunately they only got with little success and the company focused back on its more successful by selling its products directly to consumer sales model. He was the youngest CEO of Dell Computer Corporation in its list of the world’s 500 largest companies. Other than selling its product directly to consumers, Dell started selling the computers over the web and launched his first company servers in 1996 and he got many good feedbacks from the consumers and reported about millions of dollars sales in per day from It becomes the largest PC’s makers in the worlds in 2001. In 2003 the company changing the company name to “Dell Inc.”

About 20 years Michael becomes a CEO of Dell Technologies then he decide to resign as a CEO but stayed as a chairman of Dell Inc. Kevin Rollins replaced Michael Dell as the new CEO and President of Dell Inc. Dell appeared in its first place ranking of the “Most Admired Companies” in 2005. Kevin Rollins had called to resign as both CEO and director because of his poor company performance and Michael continued his former role as CEO. Dell was the “largest e-commerce website for commercial technology products in the world” in 2016 and it worth of $40.7 million in the third worldwide market share shipping in 2017.

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