Michael Jordan, the Basketball’s Superstar

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When it comes to making your dreams come true people say never give up. But although Mike followed this advice with great determination the challenges were too many. Mike had two brothers. Logan and James. Both had their talents. Logan was a really good leader. He could make people do whatever he wanted them to do and James was good at building things with his hands. But Mike, all he wanted to be was tall and strong. The strength he could work on but his biggest challenge was to become taller than his brother.

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Frustrated by his height, Mike often hung from monkey bars to stretch his body hoping he would become taller. Mike’s mother could not bear his son suffer like that so one day she said: “Son, just put salt in your shoes and pray. You will become tall soon.” Mike would follow this routine with great determination. Every night before bed he would put salt in his shoes and pray. Mike’s mother knew that the salt was not going to make him taller but she didn’t know how to tell him the truth. Mikes father, on the other hand, said: “You have it in your heart, son, the tallness is within you, and you can be as tall as you want in your thinking.”

Neither Mike’s fathers nor his mother’s advice worked. In the park nearby, there was a taller guy called Mark. He would always win the game when they played basketball. He could easily snatch the ball from Mike while Mike could be standing there jumping forever trying to reach for the ball. But, Mike had big dreams. And he kept dreaming. He dreamt of playing for the United States and winning a gold medal one day in the Olympics. So all he did was to play. It didn’t matter if it was football or baseball.

As long as it included a ball, Mike was happy. Mike’s ball would follow him wherever he would go. In fact, it was his best friend. But Mike had a competition problem. He was born with that. He always wanted to be better. So not playing ball was not an option for him. One would think that all his practice and stubbornness would be helpful. But, as a sophomore at his high school, Mike did not make it to his school’s basketball team. On top of that, everyone would tease and bully him because of his height.

One day, Mike’s mother had enough of Mike complaining about his height. She decided to take him to a doctor so the doctor could take a look at his legs. After a few X-rays, the doctors gave Mike and his mother the good news. It was sure. Mike would grow taller. He just had to be patient. The doctor’s words proved right. Mike just needed to be patient because already next summer Mike had grown much taller. In fact, he continued growing until he was the tallest in his family.

Mike didn’t give up on his practice. He continued to play until he became the best. Mike was so good now that no one could deny him for his talent anymore. His practice had paid off. His teachers said: “He played with a lot of heart, he had guard skills and he always had big, strong hands”. So, it was a dream come true when Mike was selected to play for the National Basketball team and won the championship. Mikes family were very proud of him that day and they were happy that he never gave up on his dreams.

Retiring from basketball was not easy for Mike. He didn’t win his last game but his performance showed his passion and love for the game, and sometimes that is all that matters. Even though it was very hard and he almost felt like giving up sometimes he never stopped fighting for his dreams and if he knew you he would encourage you to do the same.

Mike worked hard to keep the dream alive and his dream became reality. He made the impossible seem possible. Today he is one of the best basketball players we have. Only his family knows him as Mike. The world knows him as basketball’s superstar, Michael Jordan. Every kid that is a fan of basketball has a poster of him on his wall.

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