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The New Jim Crow is a book that looks at how the separation of colored people preferably African Americans is still happening. Some of it seems more predominant today than it was during the 1850s with some of the same social problems once faced in the past. Author Michelle Alexander jumps into the system and clarifies how a ton of practices and convictions from servitude times are simply named contrastingly now. The word slave now lacks important meaning in America because it was replaced with a more current term “Prisoner”. However the majority of people are colorblind since it is covered up with words, for example, 'felons' ' or 'criminals' ' to lawfully keep apart a particular kind of individuals in this case preferably young African Americans. This separation is set in different regions of the U.S. government. Alexander discusses methods for how separation is as yet predominant in finding jobs, the housing market, education, and basic voting rights. Once arrested your right to vote, find a job, or buy a house could very well now be in jeopardy which was absolutely the goal created by the ones who hold power and privilege for the law. The purpose behind Michelle Alexander writing The New Jim Crow was to convince individuals that there is a major issue with how our Prison system is being worked, that our criminal equity framework is being controlled by individuals with racial tendencies, and that most o,f the ones people who hold power are made up of a white crowd. The New Jim Crow claims that mass incarceration and the negatives of being labeled a felon have replaced the role of the Jim Crow segregation and slavery as inclusive through the largely invisible mechanism of racialized gregarious control. Instead of ending “racial caste” in our country.

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The New Jim Crow challenges the social equality group which is us American citizens to put an end to mass imprisonment and of another development for racial equity in America that we must make vast improvements towards to better off our American society and our black communities. Aside from Michelle Alexander's view on this new American caste system, before I read the book the only knowledge that I had of our American Prison system was of the race population being made up of mostly African Americans and just ones with the skin color other than white. I never realized how bad and corrupt our Law system is, unlawful seizure and search, unlawful court cases, and unlawful charges. These are just a few of the problems we have in the system. Michelle Alexander is very factional when she speaks on an issue and is always giving statistics to back up her claims. For example, in my copy of the book on page 293, Alexander says, “The total population of black males in Chicago with a felony record (inside and outside prisons) is equivalent to 55 percent of the black adult male population and an astonishing 80 percent of the adult black male workforce in the Chicago area.” This just shows the effect of the racial bias when they target African Americans in low poverty areas to the nearest prisons only to deny them their right once behind bars and how much they seem to be targeted.

Alexander shows that, by focusing on African American men through the War on Drugs and wrecking people of color, the U.S. criminal justice system works as a contemporary arrangement of racial control in an attempt to deny them all of their rights as citizens.

Alexander argues that the War on Drugs devastatingly affects African American people group, on a scale altogether out of extent to the real components of crime occurring inside these Areas. According to Alexander, the US jail population went from 300,000 to 2,000,000, with most of the expansion because of drug convictions. This gave the US the world's highest amount of prisoners. The goal is to incarcerate predominantly young African American men over drug chargers no matter how big or small and slap them in the face with a 7-10 year sentence in hopes of getting African Americans out of the election, neighborhoods, and the lower class whites workforce. We have placed so many colored people in the jail system which is now overpopulated with these new prisoners or “slaves”.

One of the typical ways the law system pulled African Americans is with unfair drug charges which Alexander calls attention that relates to the last is discussed on page 167, that a conviction for selling cocaine is multiple times worse than one for selling powder cocaine. An 18-year-old named Edward Clary was sentenced to at least 10 years in jail for selling under two ounces of coke. During his preliminary, he felt as if the process seemed to be unconstitutional and not a fair charge. His attorneys said that the law victimizes African Americans since they are most of those charged for selling. Clary's judge tested the claims brought to the court. He claimed that it was a racially unfair law that disregarded the Fourteenth Amendment. He also decided to sentence Clary as though he had powder cocaine, to 4 years in the prison system. The prosecution appealed the judge's decision and it was overturned and Clary was placed back into prison to finish his original sentence.


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