Middle Age Crisis-ageing Issue, Death and Grieving


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This essay aims to discuss the appropriate counseling technique for “Middle Ages Crisis-Ageing issue, Death and Grieving” to enable you to explore in brief the developmental factors, human behavior related to the issues, some counseling style to apply, and examples relating to social work or counseling in Papua New Guinea or South East Asia. In addition is our personal conviction about the topic and few recommendations. The middle age crisis or ageing issue refers to personal human development process roughly begins around 40 years and above when a person encounters transition from the early adulthood to older. In general, in the mist of transition, psycho-socio developmental issues arise from self-assessment relating to aging itself in addition to regrets over unsuccessful endeavors, significant passing of someone, partial youth life, family matters, etc. All of these can contribute to obstruct the person’s physical, social and intellectual wellbeing. The discussions below adhered to some of the factors as mentioned.

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Firstly, aging as an internal factor itself simply refers to the point of getting old thus results in a person experiencing physical, psychological and social changes in his or her life. Many scholars affirmed this as an inevitable natural phenomenon in a human development. In the physically aspect of the person, he or she is most likely to experience health problems on a daily basis because of the body developments, environmental influences and self-discipline. The commonly cited difficulties are physical injuries, malfunction body organs including lung cancer, kidney and bladder problems, cardiovascular disease, adult onset diabetes etc. Similarly, the person experiencing middle life crisis come to meet some social challenges were it is obvious unless the person has fully accomplished the youth phase of his or her life. Theoretically, men married at an earlier time had avoidant personalities and have a sense of relief after raising kids and more likely return to their youth activities. For instance, most Fathers in Papua New Guinea decided to return to their youth thus remarry with young women other than their age choice. This practice is clearly seen in PNG as polygamy. Anyways, this transition is misunderstood and causes frictions between spouses. On the other hand, women reaches the midpoint often worry about their physical appearance after fertility ceases and children went to high schools and tertiary institutions. This influences them to wear makeups and like to be sensitive to men of their age group. Moreover, both men and women experiences mental variations as a matter of getting older. This results in clinical depression, anxiety disorder, mood disorders, dementia, schizophrenia, posttraumatic stress disorder. Most of these causes the minds of the mid age people to slow their process of thinking.

Moreover, financial instabilities as an external factor also causes midlife issues among middle age citizens. This happens anywhere in the world. Notably, in societies and countries where there is no birth control, parents tend to experience many physical and psychological problems. For instance in Papua New Guinea, parents looking after many children experiences psychological and physical health issues at a daily basis. This happens because of the tireless efforts in assuring the demands of the family affairs without being cautious of the negative impacts on their personal wellbeing.

In addition, elder citizens with experiences of losing someone crucial are vulnerable too. For example, the death of a parent or a member of the family may result in grief that is sufficiently challenging with or without the understanding as well as in dealing with the emotions of a midlife shift. Together with the loss and the emotions that follow the midlife crisis, entire development turn out to be incomprehensible and devastating. However, this does not marks the end of one’s happiness. In relation to people, experiencing negative impacts of a significant death, they can always resume their ordinary life by seeking professional remedies through certified counsellors and therapists.

One way the counselors and therapists can address them is freely allowing them to chat about the loss of the loved ones. This invites the service users to freely converse with the counsellors and therapists about previous shared or unshared memories of the deceased. For example, the conversation can include the strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes of the deceased. Overall, through reframing the conversation, this therapy technique can aid the clients to flee out of handicapped character-restraining system of beliefs and destructive habits that might disabled the person in the future. In general, the situation is tough while struggling (undergoing) a midlife crossroads towards understanding the approaches they are employing are functioning and the choices they make leads them to the desired destination or not. Counsellors and therapists can assist them to create fresh and better plans for their nervousness and hopelessness and facilitate them with a broader, known perception upon their destination and decisions. Existential therapy is, recommended for a midpoint tragedy since it considers queries regarding how they manage their personal life in an ethical manner including efforts on their essential ethics and thoughtful attitudes. Acceptance and commitment treatment is correspondingly beneficial. That one sees by acknowledging present situations and live the present-day instead of being afraid of the upcoming events. In conclusion, minimize anxiety if necessary. One cannot address new concerns at this phase of life.

It is encouraged to create jobs that are good for their wellbeing. Keep sometime separately chilling and participate in activities they would enjoy. Create achievable ambitions and improve understanding of the personal development. Inhabit a healthy living routine. Involve in regular fitness, dine balance meals every time, minimize drinking, and prevent taking in other harmful stuffs for enhancing personal health and states. To finish off, we recommend effective awareness by professional counsellors and therapists to deal with the effects of aging itself and other external factors including death, financial instabilities, regrets over unsuccessful endeavors, family matters, work related matters and unfinished youth life. By addressing the effects, we assume that midlife crisis will not be a shocking issue and will be accepted as normal transitions in human maturity.

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