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Migrants in Society: Features of Assimilation

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For the immigrants, blending in with the society is often the most difficult thing when they settle to a new country permanently. It not only forces the settlers to assimilate, but also the respect of the native residents to the integration of the exotic cultures in order to make multiculturalism occur. Although the cultural difference and the language barrier are difficult to overcome, the ardent desire for the sense of belonging to their new home motivates the newcomers to become a part of the nation.

Immigrants flatly give up everything they had in their birth land and immigrated to a wealthier country mostly to have a successful life. Consequently, to achieve their goal, the newcomers typically start with the manual labor works which do not need any skills. This act causes them, not only able to collect more money than in their home country, but also contribute to the immigrated nation in their own way by bringing the “modest economic rewards” to it. Despite the benefit of them to the nation, the settlers engage efforts to gain the respect of the country’s citizen since the stereotype of the migrants still occurs. For the reason that the first generation of immigrants ordinarily takes a long time to adapt to the unfamiliar environment, Jason Deparle’s article “Why the U.S. Is So Good at Turning Immigrants Into Americans,” explains they tend to have a towering expectation towards their next generation. This education worked as a result of the children of immigrants having the “attain levels of education and employment rivaling those of children whose parents are native-born.” Starting with the first generation’s hard work of trying to integrate as the lower class of the community, to the fully assimilated third generation who born and raised in the state, their attempt of becoming a part of the nation affected the society to accept them not as the “immigrants” but simply as the “minorities” of the country who shares other languages and cultures. This is a good and ideal way of discussing the assimilation of the Immigrants. Although as the author said, some people think incomers are “strains on destination countries,” the problems are typically created by the group of isolated settlers that refuse to assimilate to the contemporary cultures.

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Speaking out of the atrocious problem that the original citizens worry about, it is ordinarily the outcome from the worst case of immigrants who do not want to assimilate or even integrate to the country. In Esther Doflo’s “Successful assimilation of the immigrants,” the author explains her belief of how the small percentages of extreme Muslims they caused the image of them to become fearful. These people shadowed the pure Islamic believers contemporary life by the isolation they feel from the society, and “every suburban riot and every bus burned” was stigmatized by the innocent Muslims as the example of not adapting to the country. Although most of them live their life normally, these people are somehow automatically named by the society as the child of the terrorists. Consequently, even though Muslims are proven that there is “no real difference in the pace of assimilation” from other immigrants, the acquaintance of “the bomber” will never get exonerated. The rest of the clear immigrants who seek their best to adapt in their recent life, should not be discriminated and determined by their religion or the excluded faction of activist from it. Indeed, they deserve the respect of having the courage to settle in a foreign country with the faith to live a better future.


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