Legal Case of Miranda Vs Arizona and It's Impact on People's Rights and Access to Fair Trial


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Everyone has their natural right when they are being arrested or enterrigated they must be informed of their rights so that they understand that everything they say can and will be used against them later. Arnesto Miranda was the man in the case that wasn’t given a fair trial because he wasn’t given his rights properly from the police. The police that were in this case were not doing their job or going by the 5th & 6th amendment by giving him his rights.The case of Miranda vs Arizona was the beginning of the miranda law and its big impact on people today.

The Miranda vs. Arizona case is about a man by the name of Arnesto Miranda. He was born on March 9th, 1941 and died on January 31st, 1963. He got in trouble with the law when he was younger a couple times for things like suspicion of armed robbery. These things all accrued before he got officially arrested. On March 2nd, 1963 miranda kidnapped and raped a woman in a stranded desert. The investigation took 11 days and was found and taken from his home to a police station. He was interrogated for 2 hours and was falsely told by the police that he was identified in a line up and was not allowed to leave. Through all that time of interrogation Miranda was never properly given his rights by the police interrogating him. Allegedly he confessed on tape and gave a written confession as well. His appointed lawyer, Alvin Moore objected his confession because he was not given his 5th and 6th rights properly but the judge overruled his objection. In 1963 he was arrested for rape, kiddnapping, and armed robbery. On June 12, 1963. He was soon arrested for 20-30 years on each count.

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The 5th amendment is a bill that protects you from being denied your rights and being held for a crime unless they are told properly.The 6th amendment is the bill that says that every person convicted of a crime has the right to a speedy and fair trial. The Police did not follow these bills. They did not tell him of his rights of self incrimination and the right to have the assistance of an attorney. Miranda’s written statement also contained that he knew his rights against self incrimination. They used his confession in court which got him arrested on all counts. While in prison miranda appealed his case when he saw that it was not fair to him because they did not explain his rights. Miranda’s lawyer Alvin Moore stepped down as his lawyer and John Flynn had took over to explain how it wasn’t fair to miranda. In 1965 the U.S Supreme Court agreed to review the Miranda vs. Arizona case. John J. Flitch counseled for miranda’s case with the argument that his rights were violated because they didn’t tell him them. Arizona did not agree with that argument at all and felt that they did nothing wrong at all. The case then went before the U.S. Supreme Court on February 28th, 1966. After the second day of arguments Arizona had a large amount of cases against them on his rights being violated.

On June 12, 1966 Miranda won Arizona and was soon given a second trial. He got a new trial with a jury that hadn’t heard of his case and was still found guilty. His second trial lasted nine days and began on February 15th, 1967. On March 1st his guilty verdict was because of the testimony by his common law wife. Finally he was sentenced to 20-30 years in prison. In 1972 he was paroled and returned to the world. He was still committing crimes like driving offences and for the possession of a gun and eventually lost his licence. He then violated his parole and went to Arizona state prison for another year. In 1976 Miranda got outta prison and later that day got into a violent fight outside of a bar in Phoenix and was stabbed with a knife. His killer was never found or arrested. He died on January 31st and was buried in the City of Mesa Cemetery in Mesa, Arizona.

This case changed the way the laws work today. In 1976 the final text for the Miranda Warning was created. They sent this out to all the police agencies in the country because it was officially required for everyone. The Miranda Law is the requirement that when someone is being arrested and interrogated they must be told their rights from the police. Although the Miranda rights are only required if the person is being interrogated in a criminal investigation and if you want to use their statements against them. If the miranda right is not read then the court may not use anything that the suspect says for evidence. The miranda warning states “ You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to talk to a lawyer and have him present with you while you are being questioned. If you can not afford to hire a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you before any questions if you wish. You can decide at any time to exercise these rights and not answer any questions or make any statements. Do you understand each of these rights I have explained to you ? Have these rights in mind, do you wish to talk to me ?” This statement is what a lot of cops today say when they are arresting or questioning someone. The Miranda vs. Arizona case had a huge impact on this law. It urged them to create this so that people are given their rights and allows them to have a fair trial.

The Miranda Warning affects my life today because when people are arrested they can have their natural rights and understand them when they are being arrested. Which means if I were to be arrested I would know my rights and the things I should and should not do. It gives people the chance to be smart and not make a life changing decision which can get them in a lot of trouble. It also allows people to know that they are allowed to have someone there to defend and protect them when they are being interviewed by the police. Without this people could go to prison for a long time even if they didn’t commit the crime. They could get persuaded by the police without even knowing it. I feel it’s important to have and know at all times.

This case miranda v arizona was the beginning of the huge impact of the miranda law. It was the beginning of fair representation of people’s rights and allows people the chance to a fair trial. Arnesto Miranda was the man in this case that wasn’t told his rights when he was arrested and interviewed by the police. They still put his confession in court even though nothing was said about his rights were said.He caught the problem and impeached the case and was set to have another one. Although they said he was guilty again they felt that it was important that people were told their rights when arrested and interrogated. So because of this they created the miranda right. This is needed all around the country so that the police informs people of their rights when they are taken into custody.   

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