Mirror Lake: True Salvation History


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The air was cool and breezy. I stood at the shore of Mirror Lake, where the water reflected the cloudy sky and green trees and bushes coated the mountains. In the distance, birds chirped. It was summertime and the lake was full of tourists like me. They sat on beach chairs shaded by multi-colored umbrellas. Some read books. Others splashed around in the water. Some ate what looked like ham-and-cheese sandwiches or chips.

On the other side of the lake, my parents chatted. Originally, I was also with them, but I decided to walk around the glassy lake to the place where I stood. In the middle of the water was a large, wide expanse of slightly mossy boulders that stretched a neat path across the lake. With my bare feet in the warm, muddy sand, I thought that this spot was like a postcard image. The grandness of the gray mountains that jutted out of the forest like needles poking through fabric impressed me.

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The path of rocks across the water looked as if a human had arranged them to make walking across the lake easy. I knew that it wouldn’t be too dangerous if I attempted to cross the path, so I stepped onto the first rock. Right away, I thought the path was nice. It was not too slippery. The spoon-smooth rocks had small streams of water running through their crevices. As I got further across the lake, the rocks became mossy and slippery. I hesitated; this was not the outcome I was looking for. I turned and prepared to go back. Suddenly, I slipped and fell into the small stretch of rapids between two boulders.

The shock of cold hit me as soon as my skin contacted the water. It was like walking out a door on a cold winter day. I desperately attempted to cling to one of the slippery rocks despite the pull of the water, which was unbelievable. Suddenly, I was an umbrella being pushed inside-out in a big wind. At a fast pace toward the white rapids, I was pulled. I yelped for help like a drowning cat to the tourists lazily sitting on the beach. I don’t think they heard me. Things that usually mattered, like getting good grades and winning debate competitions or basketball championships didn’t matter to me anymore.

Immediately, some tourists jumped into the water and pulled me out. I thanked them and looked at myself. I had a cut on my hand but that was the least of my worries. Dripping, I gazed at my family still chatting merrily across the water. I was very thankful that I was still alive and out of danger. I knew that life was valuable, but I’d never faced death before. Seeing my family relaxing on the sand with their sunburned skin, I realized that humans are really fragile and that life could be stripped away as swiftly as a current. Being alive and healthy makes me happy.

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