Miss Representation and Other Media on Stereotyping and Social Pressure on Youth

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Stereotyping has been a major issue in both gender, for male and females. There has been several documentation and films that shows the different effects associate with stereotyping. Nowadays, the equality of gender must be observed and break the state of stereotyping to prevent the difficulties and problems that they brought to. Breaking the stereotyping starts with acceptance of your self, your present image and to always remember that beauty comes within. The ability of leading one’s nation don’t depend on the gender of the person, it is based on the skills, knowledge and attitude that the individual is having. Breaking the stereotyping also can be done through allowing boys and young men to express their own feelings and be open to support groups and activities. In addition to, regardless of gender, male and females must receive the respect that they deserve.

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Gilkey (2014) showed in the video the makeover of four ladies as part of their dream, however the event had an unexpected outcome that they didn’t like. Nowadays, cosmetics and advancement in technology are some of the means to change and edit one’s image, the portrait of old person can be made into a younger version and also some fancy editing can be executed as well. The reactions of the four ladies showed that they were pretty shocked from the capability of technology and cosmetics to achieve their wanted image, however, looking on the changes they saw it very different from their original image. Everyone is made uniquely, changing something from yourself will impose a difference that would indicate that this person is not the original you anymore. Removing the freckles, wrinkle, reshaping and flaws made them uncomfortable. They have accepted the fact that it is better to have those flaws and signs of aging than to take those changes which will make them different from as what they are now. In addition, they also emphasized that ideal things doesn’t exist and it’s better to accept and stay as what you are.

The miss representation (n.d.) indicated that the social media serve as an instrument to promote awareness for everyone the importance of gender equality. Women can do and reach the capabilities of men as well, including the leadership and decision making. Social media can be a mean for educating the viewers as long as the content of the film and segments are educating the citizens. Women has been on under-representation in regard of power and influence in America. The film shows that in reality, women plays a major role in the society, however, people tend to value the capacity of women through their beauty and sexuality only. In order for the women to achieve their leadership capacity, the mainstream media must show that women have made an excellent leadership over the past decades and United States remain in top for highest income countries. In addition, in the film industry, there were also women who are directors, executive producers, writers, cinematographers and editors who belongs in top domestic grossing films. The new perspective must be instilled in the new generation and sexuality will never be a hindrance to those aspiring female leaders.

Based on the mask you live in (n.d.), the research shows that boys compared to girls in United States are commonly diagnosed with several behavior disorder wherein they in need of stimulant medications, boys fail out of school, engage in alcohol binge drinks, vulnerable to suicides and violent crime. The pressure brought by being a man or boy is commonly the main reason why boys commit such activities that would harm them. Boys are expected to be strong, brave and man up to the situations that will bring them, however due to the increasing pressure and lack of support they tend to keep the problem by themselves and unfortunately leading to such drawbacks. Based on researches, everyday there are three or more boys that commit suicide whereas suicide is considered to be the third leading cause of death for boys. Moreover, boys are twice more likely than girls to drop out of school and receive special education and as for the extent measure, boys are four times more likely to be expelled. The rampant use of internet and social media allows the boys to exposed before the age of 18 and 21% of young men use pornography in a daily habit. The country only have 22 states that require public schools in rendering sex education, where in, lack of education and knowledge of sex has been very limited. Boys and young men struggle to say the truth in regard of their problems and feelings it is because of the understatement that they should maintain the sense of masculinity. They easily find relief from committing violence instead of talking to their parents, friends and guidance counsellor. The pressure that they are having were taken from the media, peer group and sometimes from the adults who they live in. In order to escape from their problem, they withdraw from their emotions, devalue an authentic friendship, degrade and objectify the women. It has a negative impact for the boys, in which the gender stereotypes can contribute for their difficulty on how to become a real men. The society must be aware of this kind event and be able to set activities and measure that will support and help the young men and boys to overcome and get through this stage of their life. Boys have strong personality however when they lack support and confidence, they tend to get on their lowest low and start to rebel and commit suicide in order to achieve their wants in easy way and escape from their problem.

According to Warren (2013), the video showed a four girls that explain the difference choice of Halloween Costumes as the years go by. Primarily, they will choose simple costumes but eventually they will transform into a lady like. People tend to misjudge and put different intentions based on their costumes, wherein, sometimes, girls lost the respect that they needed the most. Boys will make different perceptions on based on the clothing and actions of the girls, but on the other hand, regardless of their costume and look, they must be respected holistically. Girls can be lovely, sweet and charming, but they can also be monster that would shock everyone if they don’t receive the respect that they need the most. Everyone must be aware that girls can fight and protect themselves, they should not be tricked and played with. They are born to fight and not be seen as a weak individuals. Stereotyping must be stopped and promotion of awareness of gender equality must be implemented.

In order to stop and break the stereotyping, there must be a program and activities that will facilitate the promotion of awareness of this event. Social media, internet and mass media are some means that can be used to educate and inform everyone the importance of stopping the stereotyping. Drawbacks such as, violence, suicide, school drop out and loss of friends can be prevented. The society should accept everyone regardless of their gender and should not limit their capabilities because of their gender only. Roles, responsibilities and capabilities of individuals does not depend on the gender but on the capacity of the person. Support groups, families and school can also help the individuals to overcome the pressure and problems associated with stereotyping. Proper awareness, orientation and respect for everyone can stop the stereotyping and ensure the equality of gender in all aspect.


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